You can Use Your Old Books to Generate Extra Income

Shopping around second hand bookstores or at jumble sales, book fairs and craft market is one of the easiest ways to acquire old books especially those in the public domain.

Old books in the public realm that you might think its useless can be an excellent source of inspiration and will be good material for producing informative digital content such as CDs, DVDs, or e-books. But the best benefit is that if you utilize public domain books, you can get the whole thing if you wish to recreate your product.

You can scan every page and all the illustrations into your computer, rewrite the wording if you want to, and drive the language up to date for the benefit of the readers. As simple as that, you have compiled and created an original product, and you can market and generate an excellent, part-time, or full-time income.

Shopping around second-hand bookstores or at jumble sales, book fairs, and craft market is one of the easiest ways to acquire old books, especially those in the public domain. Another good place to look for a public domain would be eBay, using its search facility for old books. They have also illustrated sections of the books for the sale area.

All books that are from 1923 that have been published in the USA are still visible in the public domain and, therefore, will be available for you to acquire and utilize and recreate as your own handout. Another thing, books authored seventy years ago since year-end or the death of the author in the United Kingdom are also found in the Public Domain and yours for utilization and recreation.

You might be wondering what exactly you need to produce your e-Book from the public domain. You won’t need a lot of materials to produce your own e-Book or any other product from the public domain. You should be fine if you have your own computer and scanner and, of course, a printer.

However, if you plan to reproduce the book that will be put on the CD for regular sale, then it would be efficient and essential to utilize an excellent software program to turn your e-Book into a CD regularly. On the other hand, if you plan to sell your e-Book as a downloadable handout, you should have PDF writing software on your computer.

The most widely used for these concerns is ADOBE writer. However, there are numerous software that are cost-efficient or even free to utilize PDF writing and converting programs available.

You are only required to transform your book once, and it is automatically ready for everyone, especially your customers, to download as many times as you require them to. You can market it or give it away for free as an incentive to purchase another one of your more expensive niches.

Listed are the essential factors to consider in starting up in the world of internet trading, particularly in creating e-Books.

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  1. You must select what kind of market you want to join, then find your old book concerning your product.
  2.  You have to research your own particular product. All you have to do is to browse and explore book fairs and second-hand book shops.
  3. Purchase your old book; you must ensure it is public domain material. Typically 70 years from the death of the original publisher.
  4. Reproduce your old book using your computer or by taking the pages to a photocopy or local printing shop. Ensure all the pages have been copied to prevent article loss.
  5. Transfer the articles into a word file or notepad so that you can make any necessary changes.
  6.  Supplement your handout with illustrations and images if necessary.
  7.  If you want to change the tile, you can. You can also put your name as the author.
  8. After you have done all of these, your e-Book is now ready to be advertised on the internet, and surely you will be making money out of it.

You can market your book on places like eBay or Amazon to promote it. Register at ClickBank and market it as an instantly downloadable item. It’s your call to do whatever you want for your product to be promoted.

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You can promote your e-Book using social bookmarking sites or create a blog. You should also consider utilizing article marketing sites to write reviews and informative articles that allow you to promote your products at the end of the article. You should regularly have two links to your products or the website you use to advertise them.

Some other methods in promoting your old books would be on the Pay Per Click sites such as Google AdWords; however, this can be expensive if you are a newbie. I would just recommend sticking to the free scheme.

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