Working at home scams

The World Wide Web is a huge space. It is almost boundary less. Thus, it has some bad elements into its system. The work at home scams is just one of them. It is very hard to identify the legitimate from the fraudster. What seems to be a very authentic job opportunity can turn out to be big hoax.

These occur mostly in job sites, which host numerous job postings. The hosting company tries their best in policing the posting, but it can not do so for the thousands of offers that keep on getting posted every day. The fraudsters market their job opportunity as the most lucrative and profiled job. It promises huge earnings, flexibility and gives a rosy picture to the entire scenario. The fraudsters usually target the people who prefer to do a job from home and earn good money. They are mostly gullible to such proposals and fall into their trap and take on the task of craft assembly, envelope stuffing and other jobs which makes you feel like an employee of the company. But in reality it is not so. In the case of craft assembly you are asked to assemble dolls, toys and other craft items. For the start you are asked to pay a payment to buy a start up kit, but once you complete your job, you are told that your work does not fit their bill, no matter how perfect you have been. This way you loose the money and they gain immensely.

Medical billing is another such area where this fraud takes place immensely. By paying anything from $300 to $900 you are sent a list of potential clients in you area and software for medical billing. You are promised that these clients will avail your service. But in reality only a few such clients exist. And the ones that do originate use some other software or have outsourced it to some one else.

Some Multi Level Marketing schemes have also been determined as big scams. They have duped people of their hard earned money while ensuring them of high income. Several other companies, involved in work from home system are taking the advantage of people’s gullibility and making millions. They usually target the elderly people, homemakers, low income families and the uneducated or the lowly educated people. These people are always in the lookout for better opportunities. And when they receive such lucrative offers, they fall for it and later on regret their foolishness. The work at home scams has spread their web to a great extent, but the governments are taking steps to curtail them. At the same time the onus lies on the people to bring forward such fraudulent companies and make people aware of such scheming organizations.

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