Why you need an Air Pump for Your Aquarium

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Finding the appropriate tools is important when you start as a fish keeper. The right equipment can help you maintain your aquarium as well as keep your fish happy.

The equipment you buy always has to depend on the size you have chosen for your aquarium. It is also affected by the type of fish you have chosen to keep and display.

While it’s not advisable to do without certain tools, like aquarium filters, there are essential aquarium supplies, even though they may look unimportant at the outset.

You need to think about what is going to help you keep everything working as smoothly as possible. And one important tool is an aquarium air pump.

Make sure that you get the best air pump for your aquarium to guarantee it can oxygenate the water so it will help keep the aquarium clean and running efficiently.

What an air pump does in the simplest possible terms is bubble air into and through your tank.

Air pumps, in fact, serve two purposes. First, they help to ensure that the tank you run can maintain an adequate concentration of oxygen. They are not categorically necessary but they help. You just need to make sure that your tank can maintain adequate water movement along with the appropriate surface agitation.

In general, this is the case when the external box or canister filters are employed. The second purpose served by an air pump is to force water through a corner or sponge filter.

If using an under gravel filtration system, for example, an air pump can produce bubbles to force the water up the uplift tubes and pull water through the filter. In bigger tanks, the same function can be performed by powerheads. This, of course, means that an air pump is not necessary as long as your tank has adequate water circulation.

Fish need oxygen if they are to survive. They “breathe” in the aquarium’s water. This is done by absorbing dissolved oxygen from the water through the fish’s gills.

The aquarium is capable of absorbing oxygen at the water surface. But it may not be enough to sustain life on its own.

By using an air pump, along with an Air Stone, it’s possible to greatly increase the exchange of CO2 and O2 gas. The dissolved concentrations of gasses are kept at safe levels.

Among the many benefits of aquarium air pumps is that they are an easy way of greatly enhancing the underwater environments you provide for whatever fish you choose to keep and display.

In addition to helping circulate the water around your tank, which increases the amount of space within it in which the fish can live, air pumps can also be set to use with every kind of action ornaments you want to create your dynamic displays.

When you have chosen to collect the most delicate species of fish and insert exotic aquatic plants that need high levels of oxygen, then a good aquarium air pump is a must. Similarly, when you seek to add drama to the underwater kingdom you are creating, then an aquarium air pump is essential.

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