Why It’s Better To Stay Single In College (For At Least the First Two Years)

I don’t know about you, but at the end of my high school career, I was obsessively looking forward to going to college to get far away from home, going forward in the next step in my life, and I was especially excited about all the new dating opportunities that would come my way. I was no longer amused by high school boys, and I was ready for the next best thing – college men supposedly. But I was in for a rude awakening once I arrived! I haven’t dated anyone, but I’ve had my fair share of crushes. Crushes that appeared single, but it turned out that they already had a special someone back at home, crushes that are not coming back to my school this upcoming school year, and others that are extremely dedicated to their studies.

Well, before college my dating history was pretty much nothing, and it still is nothing! So why am I saying stay single you ask? Because I want to impart knowledge based off of what I have seen and experienced since I have been there. Not to say that being in a relationship is bad because I know several people that are in amazing committed relationships.

This is for you if you are new to college, and single, or you  have recently been through a bad break up. So, here are the main reasons to stay single – for at least the first two years:

1. When you first arrive, if they’re not already in a relationship, most people are “shopping” around.

Most people will probably be as excited as you are to meet new people, so they will be more than likely reviewing their options and getting to know people at first. No one at this stage should be looking for a serious relationship. In college, casual dating is a norm.

2. The so-called “hook-up” mentality.

Some other students will never want a serious relationship or to get to know an individual on a deeper level. A lot of times, students merely “hook up” with no strings attached, without the hopes of going any further, and after they have achieved what they came for, they move on to the next individual. For instance, do you really think you will find something special with that attractive individual at the club or a frat party?

3.People come and go, a LOT.

Especially during the first two years, college students come and go. At times it can be hard to get to know someone because you don’t know if that person will be there the next quarter, semester, year, or not. At a large state university like mine, transfer rates are high because all the time students leave because of financial problems, home-sickness, and simply because they found somewhere better to go, or they flunk out.

4. Are you willing to make the sacrifices for a long distance relationship?

This sort of goes along with what I wrote above. Throughout the college years, students go on internships, mission trips, and jobs all over the country and the world, and many times there are students from every corner of the world at your school. Ask yourself this, are you willing to put trust into your significant other while you/they are away? Are you willing to give up some of your single habits?

5. Friendships can become something more later.

Well, there’s nothing wrong with more friends, and you can be more laid back in a friendship. People will get to know you for you and it can eliminate the pressures of physical attractiveness, etc.

6. Sometimes a relationship can cause unnecessary stress.

You don’t want to be worrying about the fate of your relationship when you have project deadlines, presentations, and other engagements. Plus, if you already swamped in extra credit hours, extracurricular activities, etc., how are you going to add a relationship to the mix?

7. College is a time to be a little selfish (In a good way!).

College is a time when people “discover” themselves, and it’s one of the rare, if not only time in life that you can do things for you and enjoy your freedom from under your parents, and before you join the “real world.” Also, this time can help your figure out what you really want from a relationship and a significant other.

And lastly:

8. Don’t forget why you are going to college!

You are there for your education! So don’t get wrapped up in all the drama that comes with it. It’s best to focus on your work. Also don’t forget to have fun with what you have now! Relationships do come along, but don’t forget about what is really important.

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