Why Blogging is Best Way to Make Money Online

I, Blogger.

I have been a blogger for last 5 years. I love blogging. Blogging is not just my passion but I also do it for my living.

Blogging is the only profession that has lasted for so many decades. Other online jobs like Data entry jobs, Survey Jobs, marketing jobs, etc have failed. No one trusts these online jobs because these companies are fraudulent.

However, if you blog then you can find various genuine companies that pay you year after year.

So to convince I decided to write an article giving you 8 reasons why blogging is still best way to make money online.

  1. Trust of Millions of Bloggers All Over the World

The first thing that you need to know there are over thousands of bloggers who join blogosphere every day.

Most of them join blogging as their hobby and others want to make some serious money.

There are online blogging communities where you can go and discuss issues you are facing with blogging.

You can find there are thousands of blogger who are making a living out of blogging and even you can do it because it is for real.

Blogging is the best way to make money online because of trust of bloggers all over the world.

  1. Cheapest and Easiest Way to Get Started

Second reason why blogging is the best way to make money online is it is cheapest and easiest way to get started.

It is cheap because you can start a blog for free by going to blogspot. You don’t have to spend even a penny and your blog is up and running.

So it is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to get started.

For other online jobs like Data Entry Jobs you might have to pay a registration fee and they may turn out to be a fraud.

  1. Hoards of Genuine Ad Networks to Pay For

This point is very important. Why blogging is the still best way to make money online?

It is because of hoards of Genuine Ad Networks that pays you year after year. Take one example Google Adsense it pays over $6 billion dollar every year to various publishers from all over the world.

Similarly you can find other affiliate networks like Commission Junction or Clickbank that pays you year after year.

No other online job could pay you like Blogging. There are millions of its beneficiaries.

  1. Constant Source of Revenue Years After Year

Adding on to previous point I want to say blogging is the only way that could pay you year after year.

There is no other online job that can pay you like blogging. The simple reason for this is most of the other online jobs like Data Entry Jobs, Survey Jobs etc are fraud.

Google Adsense is the most trusted platform for publishers from all over the world. It will never fail you when it comes to sending checks month after month.

Similarly there are many other networks. Although there are more ways to make money online here but still blogging is the best.

  1. Lots of Blogging Platforms and Ready made Tools to Get Started

As I said earlier blogging is very easy to start with. You would not face any problem to start blogging. The startup cost is so less that everyone can start it.

There are ready-made tools that you can plug-in and get productivity you always wanted. It is all hassle free. Every blogging platform like WordPress website builder or Blogger offers you great support for starting your new blog.

If you compare this to other ways of making online then it wouldn’t be that easy because you will need a lot of experience.makemoneyblog

  1. Plethora of Tutorials Available to Start Blogging Step by Step

If you are finding blogging difficult to start then you can always watch videos on YouTube. There are hundreds of genuine bloggers who can share their experience.

You can learn step by step and start your own blogging. You can also get ideas about choosing your niche. Yes it is that easy. If you compare with other online jobs then you don’t find such kind of support there.

  1. No Dearth of Living Inspirations Who are Successful Bloggers

There is no dearth of inspiration while you are thinking of starting a blog. There are a lot of successful bloggers from all over the world that are there to inspire you.

I can name many but to keep it short people like Amit Aggarwal, Darren Rowse, Patt Flynn etc can inspire you to start a new blog. You can inspire from their life and get confidence that even you can start blogging and earn a living.

You don’t have good inspirations when it comes to under kind of online jobs like Data Entry Work or Marketing jobs.

  1. Work From Home and You are Your Own Boss

The final reason blogging is best for you is you can work from your home and it gives you complete freedom.

Every youngster wants to be their own boss and online blogging can help you in achieving that.

You don’t have to depend upon a company or your boss for salary hike earn as much as you can.

Just wake up in morning and start blogging in your pajamas.


  1. Thanks for information!
    Blogging is really a great way to make money online but the only problem is it takes lots of time.

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