Where is its head?

I never liked the idea of going to the zoo. It was so depressing when we went last time, to see all those animals living within those bars or the see-through sheets. But that’s not why I didn’t like to go there. It was because I didn’t understand one type of animal. It was the only thing I was scared of. I never got the head or tail of that animal, literally! It looked like it had a tail on both ends. Master Johnson called it an elephant.

The animal was weird, always walking around slowly and searching for food. (Boring creature!) I understood other animals and knew a bit about how they attacked, so I could take some defense if I found one of them threatening my master sometime later. But this elephant creature, I couldn’t tell if it was looking at me or was showing me its hind. It had a small tail with a small tuft of fur at the tip on one side and a longer, thicker more rugged one on the other side. On the side with the longer tail, some of the older ones had a pair of pointy white claws coming out from either side. Sometimes they were extremely massive and long. Those were the only things I could figure out which were its strengths. But still that made me even more afraid of it. Apart from its huge size, the creature seemed to have some kind of weird fur on its rough thick skin. They were sticking out from its body in all directions and they were all pointy like the leaves of the strange plant in the garden (Mistress has a very long name for it but little Master Mike simply calls it cactus).

Little Master Mike found it funny when he was feeding it the last time when we went (he was laughing at those elephants as they took bananas from him). But after that, the last one to take the bananas kind of made a sneezing noise and raised the thicker tail and patted master on his head. I found it gross. (I never figured out if it actually sneezed or released something from its hind!)

Today Master Johnson wants to take everyone to a circus where these creatures would be performing some tricks. What  they are going to perform I wonder considering that they move around so slowly. (But then the babies are pretty small and can run around pretty fast.) I’ll have to try to stay back in the kennel by faking a limp or something. I would rather be chained and left behind in the house than go to this circus to face those creatures jumping around. May be if I stay back, Little Master Mike will also stay to play ‘fetch the ball’ with me.elephant_and_dog

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