What You Need to Know about Chief Information Officer Position

It can be confusing to understand the difference between someone working in IT and a CIO position. The difference is fairly simple once you know what each one does. An IT director for example will be more involved in solving technical issues. When you do cio bio writing, it is easy to see that strategic planning is high on the list. This is based on the fact that a Chief Information Officer should be focused on strategy from the technical department. Here are some facts you need to know about this position.


A Chief Technology Officer will look at developing technologies in the industry. This will then be discussed and motivated to management. Some companies do not employ a CIO and a CTO, although they are two completely different roles. A CIO would be focus on leadership and strategizing on how to use new developments to benefit the broader business.

Reporting Structure

Generally, the reporting structure differs from company to company. The majority will report to the CEO of the company. This of course needs to work with the company’s structure. When you complete your cio bio it is important to mention any leadership skills you might have. Working within the top structure of a company comes with a lot of responsibility and decision making.

Newly Created Position

We all know what a CEO and COO does, but the CIO role has not been around long enough. With the development of technology within businesses, the role has become more crucial than ever. Identifying the gap opened more doors for individuals with IT and leadership skills. You may not become appointed within this position straight out of school. It does take a lot of life experience, which is also taken into consideration when appointing someone in this role.

IT Involvement

You will not be expected to work in the IT department much, but you are an asset to your team. The same applies to a CFO for example. Although this person won’t do much of the financial data entries, the knowledge is going to help with the reporting system. Being a CIO can be a busy position and time management will be important. If things go wrong in the IT department, it affects the way you work. Having people in place to sort out small technical issues will take some of the stress off your back.


It is required for a CIO to come up with innovation and new strategies to help the company. This is a costly experience and most businesses just don’t have the budget for it. Look at an employee bio or two and see if there is someone to assist you. You can be an innovator without spending too much, but you might need a good team around you.

Is a CIO Position valuable?

There will be more positions created in this field as we become more digitally inclined. Most companies are selling online, communicating online and running a majority of their businesses this way. This has been acknowledged and thus we can expect a lot more positions being created to manage these departments. The role of a CIO is crucial when the business wants to take the next steps in technology. You need someone who can strategize and add value to your IT department and leadership structure.

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