What to Expect from Your First Year of College

You will learn what a library is for the first time in your life and you might even learn to write a long term paper. You’ll stay out all night and go to class with a hangover and you’ll study like crazy for mid-terms and oh yes, you’ll gain weight too. Probably at least the freshmen 10 or maybe even 20 pounds but who cares—you are finally in college!

The first year of college is a year you have looked forward to for some time. You are full of anticipation and full of apprehension. You are excited and scared but very ready to experience it all. You are finally at the place in life where you can be considered an adult and you can’t wait to begin setting your own life’s plan into motion.

You’ll start to drink coffee and find your favorite at Starbucks and find that you frequent Barnes and Noble rather than the chic boutiques. You’ll experience life on campus and off campus and with any luck; you’ll be an asset to the college campus you choose to attend. You’ll make plans for the future and you’ll contribute to the future by proclaiming all of the things which should be changed within our world. You’ll make it.

Before you get to this point though, you will feel like you won’t make it past the first college semester. You’ll stay up all night and party till dawn. You will lay out of class and eat pizza at four in the morning. You’ll avoid going home on weekends and avoid study groups and basically, you’ll be failing before you stop and realize what you are throwing away.

Usually, by the end of the college freshman’s first year, they have started to get over themselves and their new found freedom. They will take the time to regroup and get serious. A series of bad grades will inevitably send the college freshman over the edge to the point of no return and then, they will return. They will return to the dream of an education. They will wake up to the reality of educational endeavors and they will usually find a way to succeed and eventually graduate.

When this happens, parents and grandparents will cheer and professors will be relieved. Friends will be happy for their new college classmate and everyone will be happy to watch a child evolve into a proud adult with a college education.

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