What to bring to Manipal – 3 things that will not fit in your Travel Bag

The Quintessential Guide to Surviving Manipal, India

As you embark on a journey to a new, vibrant university town of Manipal, there would have been (for those who already have made the journey) or will be a constant dilemma that you would have/will face. The dilemma of what to pack!

Yes, packing stuff for a new destination can be a very stressful affair. There will be things so dear to you that you cannot miss out yet there will be things that you will be glad to leave behind. Treading that path can cause sleepless nights and anxiety.

A quick reminder of THREE things (more of it, later) you could or should bring along to Manipal (These items mentioned below will however not fit in your travel bag!!):

1. Right attitude – Positivity

Educating yourself or building a career for yourself requires the right kind of attitude (Yes, the distant uncle whose presence you detest would have told this to you a million times and yet it is worth repeating).

There will be teachers you will like, teachers you will hate; there will be hostel rooms you will be comfortable in, others will be little difficult to stay; you might believe in your curriculum and sometimes think it to be a waste. But at the end of the day that ‘positivity’ towards what you do is highly essential, at least for that feel good factor which shall promote growth and development

2. Sense of purpose – Commitment and Conviction

To forget one’s purpose is the commonest form of stupidityFriedrich Nietzsche.

Manipal or for that matter any other place will have distractions. The rainy season (that can test your nerves) can distract you from your eight o clock class, the weekend parties can distract you from the much needed revision of the week or a group of friends can distract you from timely completion of an assignment.

It is imperative to understand the primary purpose of your being in Manipal. Assuming it to be building a career and growing as a purposeful human being, it will take a lot of conviction and commitment to stick to your purpose.

3. Expanding horizon – wholesome growthLuggage walkingthroughairport DEF

How does one bring along with him/her expanding horizons? It is the spirit or the willingness to expand ones existing boundaries and horizons. Manipal is a cauldron of various cultures, various people, various activities, various opportunities and various faces of life.

One should bring along with you the interest to inculcate the right varieties available. Participate in co curricular activities, involve in research, try innovation, challenge existing theories, organize, create, dance, sing, take photographs, game, build, talk, and Manipal shall present you with innumerable opportunities. Talk to the right people, do not stay in a shell, and grow wholesome.


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