What happens in Manipal stays in Manipal

Most of us were immature teenagers when we first came to Manipal. The experiences we had here are the basic lessons that we will carry with us for the rest of our lives. Manipal is the first place for most of us where we had complete freedom for the first time in our lives.

It’s very likely that you had a lot of your ‘first time’ experiences in Manipal. Your first roommate, your first girlfriend, your first kiss, your first booze, your first smoke, your first night out etc. I am sure that you can relate to a lot of experiences listed here.

Sometimes one might make a few rash decisions, thanks to the lack of experience and maturity. Some students get into drugs and lag behind in academics. Many students take a ‘first time’ relationship way too seriously and get depressed. Some students are left out and are tagged as loners.

But don’t worry folks. This is not an age to regret and scar oneself for life. This is a learning experience. You are in Manipal to learn. And ‘knowledge’ is not just academics. It is your professional knowledge, your experiences and your people skills that makes you truly educated.

The point of writing this post is to convey that one should not take the bitter experiences in college life in a negative manner and turn into a hardcore pessimist. You are gearing yourself up to face real life challenges that lie in the life after college. So higher the number of mistakes you make here, higher are the number of lessons you learn and hence you are better equipped to step out in the real corporate-ruled-world out there.

So just relax and learn because what happens in Manipal stays in Manipal 🙂


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