What do you see in this face?

Karthik Gajula | Lakshya-MAHE

Do you see here..

A man in pride,
for making his nation stronger?
In content,
for satisfying a child’s hunger?

A man at peace,
For filling a home with laughs?
Leaving behind a legacy,
That will forever last?

So tell me, what do you see?

All I see,
Is pain in those eyes.
Trying to forget
The miserable times.

A soul in mourning,
for all that has become.
A heart in pieces.
This can’t be undone.

After hearing all of this,
do you feel sad?
You sympathize with me?
Oh,the irony in that!

Who’s responsible for this,
If not you and me?
We let this happen.
We shatter dreams.

Don’t let this go on,
Things can’t stay the same.
Come lend a hand,
Be a part of the change.

Let’s get better,together.

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