What are Wagering Requirements and how does it affect your Casino Bonus?

Many online casinos today offer a loyalty program where players must wager a certain amount of cash within a specified period to receive a cash bonus. Other bonuses are available upon signing up for the first time, but to take advantage of either of these bonuses, players must adhere to the ‘play-through’ wagering requirements.

In simple language, players must spend a certain amount of cash before even thinking of receiving the bonus. This will require plenty of time spent at the casino and by only playing on selected games. If the wagering requirements are not met within the period chosen, players can wave goodbye to their bonus, which seemed quite realistic when they first started playing.

When the actual wagering requirements are realised, it doesn’t take a genius to see that if a player does actually manage to wager the required amount, they have been fortunate. Players will need to spend plenty of hours on the computer. In fact, several hours of uninterrupted playing time per day is generally what it would take to fully receive the bonus cash. If you only have a few spare hours per week, there is very little chance that you will benefit from the special offer.

Some casinos hand out bonuses incrementally. This way, players do actually receive some of their bonus, so all isn’t lost. The majority of online casinos which offer these promotions with wagering requirements usually allow approximately 30 days for players to try and reach their target.

This time limit will vary from one casino to the next. However, most casinos will give players one month. After this time, and if you have not been successful, you may be lucky enough to receive a similar offer in the future, or a decent online casino will reward you with something less valuable like free entrance to a scheduled slots tournament or 10 free spins on one of their featured slots. These bonuses start from the moment you receive them or from the very first minute that you have activated it.

The best online casinos will regularly award players with some kind of incentive or bonus just to keep the player happy, whereas the money-grabbers will not offer anything.

A player can generally check how much they have wagered if they are unsure by monitoring the amount through the casinos ‘cashier’ section. If this is not available in the cashier section, another way of finding out how much you have left to wager is by contacting the support. A good casino will keep track of your details and be able to inform you of how far you have left to go before you have completed your wagering requirements. If they do not have a record, or there is no other way of finding out, the casino may not be one that you can trust, and you may find it difficult when it comes to claiming your bonus.

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