Waves – how a child saw it…

Little girl I was,

Standing by the sea, holding dad’s hand,

Looking at the sea so vast…

The beautiful blue waves,

Rolled over, jumped, glided, became small

Washed away the shells I saved…


I looked at the foam,

Watched the wave recede and collide with the waves reaching us…

Dad looked at me, implying to go home,

I turned away and touched the foam,

Fascinated by the waves, looked at the never ending sea…

I asked dad, “How are waves formed?”

He smiled, “I don’t know dear”

I replied, “I think it’s the blue whales breathing,

They are so huge, they need to breathe

When they breathe out, waves come to us

When they breathe in, waves go far”

And… there goes my theory of waves.


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