Water Filters 101: Is A Fluoride Water Filter Necessary?

Fluoride Water Filter

An average person can survive out there living with no food at all for weeks at best. However, that is not the case if you spend your days without water. Go on without water, and you might not even last for a week. It is also necessary not only to stay hydrated and healthy but for other reasons as well.

With such a commodity being almost at the top of our priority list, we want our water to be as clean, safe, and pure as it could get. There are a number of methods that can do that for you, with the best fluoride water filter topping off the others. These filters are storming the sales lately, and with good reason.

But is it really crucial to have one? Is it worth the cost? We’re about to find out.

Explaining What A Water Filter Is

Simply put, a water filter is a system that sanitizes the water. A water filter gets the job done via a chemical process, biological approach, or a physical barrier. A water filter is ideal for eliminating lead, contaminants, chlorine, and other compounds that could be present in the water.

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Numerous companies manufacture these products. They produce high-quality filter systems, including state-of-the-art and the best fluoride water filter systems you can ever find. Check Waterfilterspot for more information about fluoride water filters.

And What About Fluoride?

Fluoride is a naturally occurring compound in water. It is present in rocks and plants on the earth and in the air around us. You can also locate it in some parts of the human body, such as teeth and bones.

While the compound may possess some benefits. However, fluoride is one of the many components in water that can be harmful when taken in any dosage. So many home and commercial owners opt to have filters to get rid of it entirely.

The Potential Health Risks Of Fluoride

There is no doubt fluoride can benefit us in a manner of ways. And yet, the compound can still pose a dangerous threat. Here are some of the risks.

Fluoride Poisoning

Fluoride poisoning is the result of a high amount of fluoride in the body. Experts also call it fluoride toxicity. And fluoride poisoning can cause severe effects to an individual’s brain, teeth, kidneys, and so much more.

  • Skeletal Fluorosis

Skeletal Fluorosis happens when there is too much fluoride inside your bones. This scenario causes damage to your bones, which could be irreparable.

  • Thyroid Issues

Fluoride can also affect the thyroid. And the unfortunate fact is that the thyroid is highly sensitive to the compound. Once excess fluoride reaches the thyroid, it can lead to other more dangerous health issues.

  • Dental Fluorosis

Dental Fluorosis is the discoloration of the teeth. Albeit it does not completely affect how the teeth function, it can cause a significant impact when it comes to teeth aesthetics and appearance.

  • Neurological Problems

Fluoride is also the cause of some neurological issues. A study shows that the compound is responsible for impaired learning and remembering among children. Fluoride can also affect unborn children.

And Enter Fluoride Water Filters

Just as the name suggests, a fluoride water filter functions to eliminate all traces of fluoride in water before it gets to your commercial or residential setting for use and consumption. Here are some of the ways a fluoride water filter gets the job done.

  • Anion Exchange Systems

An anion exchange system is highly efficient in removing fluoride from your water. Not only will it be cleaner, but it will also have a significantly better taste.

  • Reverse Osmosis

A fluoride water filter that specializes in reverse osmosis finds its place mostly in a kitchen. The system meddles with the water and plumbing, ensuring that the water you drink and use is free from fluoride, debris, chemicals, and other things.

  • Fluoride Filters 

Many fluoride filters are available in the market today. These unique systems will completely extirpate fluoride in your water. But do make sure that the system you purchase complies with NSF and ANKI standards.

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