Walking alone!

First day at hostel. Beginning of a new journey and you see that people are giving you those questioning looks and sympathy just because they see a 17 year old girl stepping out of an auto, all alone with no one to help her out with her luggage.
They feel that the girl is very bold enough to come here all alone. Some of them are even questioning her parents that how could they let her come all alone in this new place.
No one tries to understand why she is alone or what all she is going through right now!
Yes, the girl was me just a normal teenager like anyone else. And that day I realized the cruel and harsh reality of life that in the end YOU are all alone.
No one will come to help you, you have to be strong and brave enough to face people’s questioning looks more than those people themselves.


As they say ‘When no one is willing to stand by you, walk alone!’  So don’t be afraid to take the leap. Remember that it’s always the first step that is hard to take, rest everything falls into place when you decide to do it!
Just stay calm and be brave!

About the Author: Apoorva Walia, a first year student at MCODS, Mangalore.

Editor: Nidhi


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