ManipalBites: Treat your Sweet tooth at Waffee House, Manipal

Waffee House Manipal

Just because the Manipal experience is sweet doesn’t mean your sweet tooth can substitute it! Manipal and Udupi, in general, have a lot to offer in terms of enticing your taste buds. But sometimes, the old formula of a chocolate overloaded Waffle provides your sweet tooth the exact sweet spot it needs. So, if you too can feel the dopamine rushing through your brain as you sink your teeth in the gooey, chocolaty goodness, Waffee House Manipal is the right place for you!

Waffee House Manipal Location

Situated right next to Hotel Sarah International, the place offers a friendly, chill vibe with pretty retro-themed decor. And it’s very close to the campus and makes it a perfect chill spot for students! All of that is complemented by aesthetic lighting that just adds to the vibe of the place. With mellow Hollywood and Hindi songs playing in the background, you can’t help but enjoy your time here.

Waffee House Manipal
The Pretty orange lights add to the vibe.
Waffee House Manipal View
The aesthetics of the place is also complemented by the lighting.

Waffee House Manipal Ambiance

The Wallpapers and decor of the place are entirely retro-themed and are sure to keep you occupied till your order arrives. In addition, all the tables come with a charging port, making it an ideal place to work and vibe simultaneously or just to hold conversations with friends. And the overall decor is a good environment about having an excellent raging debate about retro versus futuristic themes (Retro wins, duh!)

Waffee House Manipal Retro-theme
The retro posters are sure to catch your eyes!

Waffee House Manipal – Sweet Indulgences

Now for the main part, THE FOOD! It need not be reiterated how amazing Waffles and pancakes are. But I will undoubtedly repeat that Waffee House served some of the best waffles I have tasted so far. Be it the gooey chocolaty goodness of the KitKat pancakes, the fantastic texture, and flavor of the Triple chocolate waffle, or the explosion of flavors in the mango mania dutch pancakes, it was sugar heaven throughout!

The place offers a large selection of items at very pocket-friendly prices. Be it your craving for a Waffle or cold coffee or Mojito, Waffee House has it all to suit your needs. Be sure to drop by at Waffee House whenever you crave something sweet or just want to have a chilled out sweet sesh with your gang!

Waffee House Manipal Blueberry cream cheese waffle
The Blueberry cream cheese waffle comes loaded with white chocolate and vanilla ice cream on the side! A must-try! 
Blueberry cream cheese waffle Waffee House Manipal
Another shot of the Blueberry cream cheese waffle! 
Green Apple Mojito Mango Mania Waffee House Manipal
A Green apple mojito to refresh you as you indulge in Mango Mania and Kitkat dutch pancakes. Can it BE any better?
Waffee Housee Manipal Pancakes
You can be a waffle person or a pancake person. But the real winner is the one who has both!

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