The Vagrant's Luck – A Poem by Praneeth Madhira

Vagrant27s Luck Praneeth Madira
Image: Otter Quill Books

I walk aimlessly on a wintry night
so dark- devoid of any light
desolate look the things around me
as desolate as the soul within me

Depressed i walk in this empty alley
when i stumble upon people dancing merrily
it was a happy place- bright and vibrant
i turn back thinking its not for vagrants!

but wait- something was brighter than the rest
something that was better than the best
and with a brightest smile it was lit-
i’m left with no choice but to folow it

No- not it – a lovely lady….

i felt a burden lift off me
as she was giggling with glee
i felt the longlost hope rise within
of feeling happy while i’m living
a flame rises deep within
raising hopes which once were thin…

I’d look at her for a million moments
if that is all it takes to be content,
draped in white-a lovely damsel
i want to be her guardian angel
a beautiful feeling – do they call it bliss?
given a chance,i’d never give it a miss!

the cogwheels of my heart are oiling themselves
gearing up- expecting a new world
mesmerised by her beauty , i force a smile…



… i think she was stealing glances at me
yeah!she did- a flicker of a smile…
slowly,the merry dancers head home
emptying the street,leaving us alone
i kept staring with a lost look
i was smitten by her lovely eyes-
glittering, twinkling; the stars no match!
her smiole flooded my heart with joy
she was coming closer and closer…
yet so close and oh! so close…
and finally……


… better-had she not noticed me
rather than the look of pure despise
gallopping came a white horse
on it, came a prince in gold-
he lifted her onto the saddle
a sight which makes my heart wince
i watch them speeding into oblivion
a tiny speck of light-her aura
my life was full of desiderata
nothing really clicked in life..
nor would this add to the grief…
i’m back in my dark alley-my refuge…
striding on with the heaviest of hearts…
towards the end…
which is nothing but nothingness….

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  1. This poem has the pathos for every man, for the fragrance of love has enthralled all at some point in our life. Some could trace it to the flower and capture its aroma lifelong, while the 'not-so-lucky' vagrants continue their search, sometimes to a tragic nothingness. Needless to say, even this black-and-white contrast that u portray, stirs colorful memories and emotions.

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