Miss India Congeniality, Arpita Kaur, participates in UTSAV 2015 at Manipal University

MU Dubai chose an Indian theme for their fashion show at UTSAV 2015

The last and the most glamorous day of UTSAV began with JAM. Each and every word, pause and sentence was scanned for grammatical and factual errors by the contestants. The competition tested the participants’ quick wit and command on English language.

Acting events MIME, Mad-Ads and Street Play brought together the best actors and narrators from all the MU colleges.

Duet Dance was a new event of UTSAV Day 4.

Duet Dance made way for the most awaited event – Fashion Show.

Looks matter - utsav 2015 preparations
Finishing Touches Being Applied To Fashion Show Participants At Utsav 2015. Photo: Nirja Kaplay

As the audience was sitting at the edge of their chairs to absorb the look of the beautiful and sensuous models, the back stage scenario was completely different. The tension, nervousness and last-minute make-ups and costume adjustments resembled exactly like a scene from ‘Head Over Heels’ (thankfully, without any on-stage disasters :p).

The fashion show was halted right when it was at its peak excitement level, much to the disapproval of the audience, for the prize distribution ceremony and a speech and a heart-felt message by the Chief Guest- SP of Udupi, ASP K. Annamalai.

Such costumes which would make any girl jealous. Fashion show costumes at utsav 2015
Such Costumes Which Would Make Any Girl Jealous. Fashion Show Costumes At Utsav 2015. Photo – Ajay Singh Chauhan

After the fashion show, when the audience was just about to leave, Mr. Sambit Dash of MMMC took charge of the stage and announced that there was a surprise in store. The best 5 performances of UTSAV 2015 were handpicked and asked to perform again.

The 5 best performances
Western Dance Solo – MIT
Mimicry – MCODS, Manipal
Indian Non-Classical Vocals – KMC, Manipal
Street Play – KMC, Mangalore
Eastern Dance Group – MCODS Mangalore

With this, UTSAV 2015 came to an end. But the fever would still last for a few days, the happiness and the disappointments and the anger and the sense of pride would take a few days to dwindle.

PS: After UTSAV, the most discussed and debated topic was NOT the result but, “Aree, kal apne department ko chutti hai k nahi??”

Mu dubai chose an indian theme for their fashion show at utsav 2015
Mu Dubai Chose An Indian Theme For Their Utsav 2015 Fashion Show. Ms. Arpita Kaur, Recently Crowned As Miss India Congeniality Participated In The Event As Part Of The Team. Photo – Ajay Singh Chauhan

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