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Today, business owners do not have to worry just about running their own website but they also need to look after every other aspect that is related to their website. With the trend of social media, forums, review websites and other such sources soon getting popular among the masses, you need to ensure that the reputation and the image of your company or business does not get tarnished. While some people may be extremely satisfied with your services, there is also a possibility that some others may not share a mutual feeling. There is also a high possibility that these customers may be a tad too vocal about a bad experience and therefore, they might spread too much negative content on these platforms leaving your company in a lurch. Today, several people rely on such media to form an opinion and therefore, it is very important that you opt for good reputation management services. These services ensure that you continue staying in the good books of your customers by keeping constant tabs on the reputation of your company. If you have only just started a business, you can use some free reputation management tools that are easily available. Of these, some reputation management tools that you must have are given below:online-reputation


To put it simply, simply means If this then that. This is the sole statement on which works. It is this statement that can not only help you manage your reputation among your customers but it can also ensure that you constantly expand and grow your network. is known for its ability to create recipes that can help you in your quest to attract customers while still ensuring that there is no negativity being spread. All you need to do is come up with a rule that will be used as a measure every time it will be put into practice. Besides, you also get to decide the resulting outcome. Once you have decided on these two factors,’s signature statement can be put into practice. Thus, if the particular rule is considered, then you will be able to perform the desired action. For instance, if you decide to change the logo image on your twitter profile, then you can give the necessary update for the LinkedIn profile to be updated as well. Therefore, you are offered an unbelievable amount of flexibility.

 However, there is a possibility that this tool may leave you flummoxed. Often, most people fail to understand’s role in Reputation Management. If ever you face with a similar dilemma, the best thing that you can do is consult with reputation management services. To put it simply, you can use the If and Then rule to create a recipe wherein you will be notified every time any changes have occurred in your RSS feed. Every time your website or any related content is mentioned, you can get notified. This can help you immensely in managing your online reputation.


There is a possibility that one of your customers or another third party altogether is showing your products or services in bad light. Any businessman’s usual behaviour is to only monitor the well known social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and the likes. however, as a businessman, you must not forget that there are many other social networking websites that people could use to speak about your products or service. This does not mean that they would only speak ill about your company. However, while some may talk positive, others could be a tad more critical. Therefore, you need to ensure that you have all the social media covered to look after your reputation management. All the same, with the availability of more than 550 social media platforms, keeping a track on each and every network could be a tedious process. This is where comes to your rescue.

All you need to do is simply enter the name of your company or your website or any other information that is relevant to your company in the search box that is provided. Once you hit the search button, instantly searches over the database of over 550 social networking websites to highlight any information pertaining to your company or the profile that you update with the website that is being used or said against your will. This can help you take the necessary reputation management steps. Besides, also lets you know if you can trademark the company name. This is especially useful when you have only recently started your business and aren’t fully aware of how the business world works. Besides, if you find the information too daunting to process, you can even avail of their paid reputation management services at affordable prices. By doing this, you need not worry about reputation management as everything else will be taken care of for you.

Author Bio: Linda Simon is a reputed web designer in Toronto. She makes of CSS sprites when designing websites which are loaded with images.


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