Transformers 4- Age of Extinction

This is the fourth and hopefully final part to this series of movies. Spawned from the all too popular animated TV series, Transformers evolved into a robot-car fight fad that only paved way to make amazingly awesome trailers. The trailer to this movie is excessively misleading. This only gives way to bare disappointment and a tiny hint of loss when the actual movie doesn’t come through in the end. Guess it is true: people have mastered the art of trailer- making.

Mark Wahlberg, cast as a 30-something dad to a daughter that looks like an early twenties model from the Mediterranean, portrays the role of a single inventor of a dad that struggles to make ends meet. When the all too dreaded boyfriend comes along and saves their lives, he must grow to accept this relationship in the bud. Just a bunch of mushy stuff to rub in between all the hardware this movie’s got.

More than the actual alien robots, we get to see their more mundane yet altogether impressive car getup since the camera focuses on racing rather than Optimus Prime tearing another head off of the now piece of junk metal. There is an actual scene where the robots are shown going at each other somewhere in the background, with more emphasis put on the new cast-list getting away from rogue army guys.

Stanley Tucci had to be the one actor actually doing his job on the set. His performance however, was hampered greatly by the cliché and obviously set up dialogues given to him. What you come to notice is how it is extremely easy for Bumblebee to jump off a height and save our heroes, but falling from the same height by himself seems to blow the wind out of him. Several such holes and discrepancies puzzle and bother you the whole way through.

All in all, this is one of those movies you SHOULD watch in theatres, because all it has to offer is what you’ll see on screen: just big robot guys hitting each other. There are in short, no exceptionally awesome scenes or twists that will spice it up for you on your laptop.

And that’s the bottom line.

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