Tranquilizing weekend- Gurupurab celebrations

For those of you wondering there aren’t much Punjabis in Mangalore, I invite you to come and visit our Gurupurab Celebrations once. On this auspicious occasion of Gurupurab, the traditional celebration here in Gurudwara will leave you spellbound. The Gurudwara situated on the outskirts of Mangalore in Kullur will give you a time travel back to your hometown Punjab. This religious day will relieve your day-to day stress and refresh you for the rest of your semester days till you go back home.

Every year Gurupurab festival is celebrated enchanting the name of Gurunanak Dev uniting all the students who miss their home and festivity. The organizing committee of KMC did a fantabulous job by arranging buses from every hostel at regular intervals making it convenient for all of us dragging even the lazy students like me to reach there on time.


The saturated mind from the minor oral surgery and  extractions were revitalised during the holy prayers of “Satnaam Waheguru”. Almost all we, mcoders, actively participated in the celebration with high spirit.

Until that time when we were in Gurudwara it seemed like we have taken a transition and reached in a different world, somewhere close to the al-mighty and the prayers connected us to Him leaving us all tranquilized. The serene, calm environment is all what we needed in this monotonous weekend to get a refreshment from those heavy books and hectic postings. Langar served on the occassion gave us relief from boring mess food.

Be it any religion, caste or creed, all of us were united there! This sense of equality forms the essence of our 5 years of college life to be cherished by all of us in the later lives!

In the end, it was a well spent Sunday after a long-long time.

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