TOTO Betting at Melbet Bangladesh 2023

TOTO Betting

Melbet in Bangladesh offers unique sports betting options such as TOTO betting. The winnings in TOTO do not depend on the odds, but on the number of guessed events won in the draw by bettors and the total amount of their bets. Further we will consider what these bets are and how they differ from the usual classic bets. Melbet is well versed in quality betting requests and TOTO is no exception. This TOTO offer applies to the following sports at Melbet: Football, Hockey, Basketball, E-Sports FIFA, E-Sports.

Only registered customers on the Melbet website can take advantage of this offer today, go through Melbet login Bangladesh and start betting!

MelBet’s new special betting offer – TOTO

Bookmaker MelBet offers a daily TOTO bet, combining the leading sporting events. This is a unique event for bettors from Bangladesh, because now it has become even more interesting and with excitement to earn on betting.

TOTO bet slip – the bettor must determine the results of 12 specified events, presenting them in the form of a free prediction in the table. On the TOTO betting site, the results are presented in the form of these values:

  • “1” – Home Win;
  • “2” – Away Win;
  • “X” – Draw.

Only one outcome can be selected for each event. Predictions are accepted before the start of the first match included in the TOTO. Melbet bets placed after the start of the first TOTO match will be void.

How TOTO differs from classic betting

Those who play in totalizator bets do not have to choose. The bookmaker himself determines the events to be predicted. Although on some sites TOTO is called a super express, it is far from being the same. The key differences:

  • in sports totalizator the amount of winnings does not depend on the odds of the guessed events;
  • the types of bets in toto are much less – outcome or exact score;
  • there are no returns on individual bets;
  • the rules of the totalizator provide for payment of the jackpot to the players who guessed all the results;
  • bets are accepted only before the first sports event (live mode is not available);
  • the player does not have to think about whether his prediction fits into the overall strategy.

After all sporting events have taken place, the TOTO operator distributes the prize fund among the players who have guessed at least the minimum number of events. The more events a participant guessed, the bigger share of the prize pool he gets.

TOTO betting on the Melbet platform – how it works

A bet on TOTO becomes valid when the first match included in the TOTO selection starts (actual time, not scheduled time). Matches that have been invalidated will not be taken into account. The dates and start times of Melbet matches indicated on the betting slip are for information purposes only. Incorrectly indicated time of the event is not a reason to cancel the bet.

If an event is invalidated, all outcomes of this event in all betting sheets are considered as winning;

  • If one or more events are considered invalid:
  • If 4 or more events are invalid, the TOTO bet is considered canceled;
  • If 3 events are considered invalid, no points will be awarded for 8 and 9 correctly predicted outcomes;
  • If 1 or 2 events are considered invalid, no points will be awarded for 8 correctly predicted outcomes.

A match included in the TOTO bet slip is considered invalid if it is invalidated according to MelBet rules.

Free TOTO Melbet predictions

Before the TOTO draw begins, confirm your free TOTO prediction by placing a Melbet bet on a sporting event on the website. Where you need to consider the minimum bet and the odds should be 2 or higher.

Only the first bet made after the TOTO prediction has been made is considered as confirmation of the TOTO prediction. Bets made using promotional codes and bonus points, as well as sold bets, bets returned at odds of 1.00 and system bets are not considered as confirmation of a TOTO prediction.

Important!!! You can make only one TOTO prediction per day.

Basic rules and regulations of TOTO at MelBet

MelBet reserves the right to deny a client a free TOTO bet if the bookmaker company reasonably believes that the client is using malicious intentions and trying to cheat the draw system.

For newcomers to open an account at Melbet, your age must be at least 18 years old. Only registered bettors from Bangladesh can place TOTO bets. The company has a strict policy of only one account per customer and utilizes a number of internal security systems for this purpose.

The offer is only applicable to a customer’s first account (their profile in the “My Account” section must be fully completed and their phone number activated) and does not apply to all subsequent accounts. You cannot use this offer in conjunction with other offers. For questions about the bonuses, please contact customer support.

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