Top 10 global universities to study psychology

Is studying human behaviour a passion for you?

It takes an understanding of general human behaviour deeply and passionately to be a psychologist. Many of us have it in us but just a few ever think of pursuing it as a career opportunity. A career in psychology opens up a dearth of opportunities world over. From schools and universities to corporates and health centers, every organization today hires psychologists and hence the opportunities are plentiful.

A graduation in Psychology is enough to be a designated and professional psychologist. It promises to be one of the most high-paying and respectable jobs of all times. Apart from being a professional psychologist, a career in law, management or education is another possibility for trained psychologists.

USA has come up as a popular choice for students desirous of a career in psychology. Employers around the world respect Psychology degrees from American institutions more than from any other countries. Here’s a list of Top 10 global universities to study psychology as per QS World University Rankings® 2011.

Rank Title Country Academic Employer Citations Score
1 Harvard University United States 100.0 93.8 97.0 97.5
2 University of Cambridge United Kingdom 83.0 100.0 88.0 89.1
3 Stanford University United States 91.2 74.7 86.3 85.3
4 University of Oxford United Kingdom 77.8 87.5 76.8 80.5
5 University of California, Berkeley (UCB) United States 86.9 70.1 65.4 77.6
6 University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) United State 74.4 59.2 81.6 71.3
7 Yale University United States 72.2 63.6 78.2 70.8
8 The University of Melbourne Australia 68.0 67.9 66.3 66.3
9 Princeton University United States 58.9 46.5 98.5 63.1
10 McGill University Canada 61.9 45.3 70.0 58.5
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