Top 10 Benefits of Having a Garbage Disposal

Garbage Disposal Chutes Garbage Waste

Did you know that, Until 1997, it was illegal to have a garbage disposal in NYC?

Installing a garbage disposal unit under your kitchen sink presents a plethora of advantages, one of which includes preventing food scraps from ending up in landfills or composting them by your own hands. All you have to do is just toss your leftovers in, open the tab and then flip the switch. The machine shreds any material into little pieces and has it pass through the plumbing pipe.

Here is a list of some of the advantages that only the best garbage disposal can bring to your kitchen:

1.  Reduces the Amount of Trash

One of the most obvious advantages that a garbage disposal unit presents is the reduction of the amount of work required to dispose food waste. With that in mind, you’ll also be using less paper and plastic in the process. You won’t even need to get anything from the store to get rid of food scraps as well.

2. Saves Money

Installing a garbage disposal saves you money. A good unit will leave you with fewer drainage problems, especially those from a top-quality brand. With this, you won’t need to depend on plumbers much to unclog your drain pipe as the garbage disposal unit will do all the unclogging for you.

3. Makes Your Kitchen Smell Nice

With no food waste being left in the kitchen to rot, you and the rest of your family won’t be bothered by annoying odours. This is because the food waste will be ground up by the motor of your garbage disposal unit, saving you the trouble of having to call your local plumber to find the source of bad smells.

4. Leaves Fewer Leaks in the Drainage Pipes

With the disposal unit, you will be dealing with lesser leaks in the drainage pipe. The unit accomplishes this by reducing the pressure on the pipe, which reduces the possibilities of leakage and clogging.

5. Saves Time

Disposing food waste is a much faster process now thanks to garbage disposal units. Instead of taking a trash bag and filling it in with food waste or leftovers, the garbage disposal takes away that hassle by breaking up food items. This saves you both time and energy, allowing you to relax more after finishing a meal.

6. Provides Easy Cleaning

A good garbage disposal unit cleans up entire sink wastes. Though you should be aware that sometimes the unit can get clogged and requires cleaning. Fortunately, the only thing that needs cleaning is the motor and that shouldn’t take long to maintain.

7. Protects the Environment

Allowing your garbage disposal unit to grind waste eliminates the threat and cost of greenhouse gases that are released by garbage trucks as well as less methane gases produced at landfills. Also, wastewater treatment plants can use it as a source of fertilizer and energy.

8. Offers a Range of Useful Features

This depends on the model you purchase. For example, some models come with higher horsepower motors that are able to cut up bones and hard waste, or an auto-reverse mode to clear jams. A quick-mount neck can accelerate installation and look for safety covers that prevent any accidental activation before the device is shut down. If I were to add some new features to my garbage disposal, I’d go to the plumbing supply store near me.

9. Lasts Longer

Once again, depending on the model, a garbage disposal unit could last you for a couple of years, perhaps even a decade or more. It could also be that you pay for a larger warranty and the unit might not last you long.

10. Choice of Models

Choose whichever garbage disposal unit is convenient for you. The continuous-feed models, for example, enable you to grind up old waste. The batch-feed models, on the other hand, include a stopper that must be closed before the blades activate.

If it’s a quality unit you’re looking for, then we recommend you get a badger garbage disposal for yourself.

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