Tips & Tricks To Make Signature Advertising Worth It

Here are the tips and tricks that you must apply if you want to make your signature advertising method worth it.

First Tip

Don’t just put a simple URL at your signature. People are hardly going to click just a lame looking URL. Add a good anchor text to your url to get more clicks.

Try to add a description along with your link, so people will come to know that what exactly is in that link. A description will increase the CTR. You can put a dash and show off the description in the signature. A better option is to put the description on the anchor text itself.

Don’t make your link and description too small but make it sightly bigger. A font size of 3 or 4 would be perfect. The advertisement should be perfectly visible otherwise it won’t get noticed only. Make sure that you don’t make it too big or it will be a complete turn off. People will make sure that they don’t click such big annoying advertisement.

Make your advertisement a bit colourful. You want your advertising text to be different than the default forum text. Something that stands out and looks unique gets noticed more.

Second Tip

Use a banner along with text advertisement. Make sure that the banner is a little animated one. Moving banners often get noticed and brings more clicks. Banners have always worked better than text ads. They will definitely bring more visitors to your site.

Third Tip

One of the most important tip. Try to bring out a discussion by making some interesting topics in the active forum you are doing your advertising. Now discuss about this at your own forum in detail and in a better style. Put a link to that thread on your forum in your signature in the active forum. The people reading your interesting thread and posting will notice your signature and click on the similar looking link. The people who are interested in the niche (the interesting topic niche) will definitely click your link out of curiosity or in attempt to learn more. If they like it, they might even join your forum and post. However the signature advertising can only bring visitors to your forum. The visitor to member conversion ratio improvement can be brought about by some other tricks which I will share in my upcoming posts. Stay tuned.

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