This season!!!

Why this season all you need are some floral prints?

Why you can’t stop gazing those bold colors or why your eyelids just freeze when those dazzling bangles exhibit their poise?

All the violets, greens and reds are in vogue!!


The cool breeze that swipes your hair from your forehead to your eyes; drizzling that uplifts your mood or the floating clouds which renders you dreaming…This season is killing me by exposing its charm in all aspects!!!

Whether it’s the greenery on the roadside or those sparkling droplets settled on your palm after they have completed their journey..A season for nature lovers and for those pining to spend some moments of romance; whether you see a couple having a stroll or those sitting hand in hand admiring the ambiance.

And what could be better than vacations…the icing on the cake!!!! And those delicious dishes inserting aroma all around. These rains have bestowed their magical glamor on everything here. So instead of sitting and praying for the clouds to clear the sky, just move along with the rain drops and swing with the winds because you never know where destiny takes you next…

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