This isn’t me – A Poem by Rachita Singh

I know what you think
This+isn%2527t+Me+ +Rachita+Singh
Image: Elizabeth Barker

You see walls covered with pink flowers

It isn’t the truth
What lies beneath isn’t enough to give me power
When you laugh too much
You know you cry alone
Nobody seems to reach or touch
The place where I live- so desolate and forlorn
When the walls come down
A glimpse of imperfection the world can see
And you shout out loud
This isn’t the real me
Pretending isn’t new
You may think I am normally breathing
The time when I actually don’t
Tired of listening to ‘Be yourself ‘slogans
 Coz you know once you do that
You get fired by Their guns
People say they know me and my kind
And I smile within
For now I know people are blind
Cheers to my pretence and hence my victory
For now you know this isn’t me

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