This is the era of the Internet Hippies

Remember the mid sixties? It was the time of the hippie movement. Everything that a typical youngster did at that time is illegal now. They would have never thought that things would take such a turn. I am not saying that the culture has died now, but you can get into some serious trouble if you live like a typical hippie in 2014.

This is the Internet age. However, I feel that now we live in a time where the Internet is highly unregulated and undivided. With every passing year, Internet regulations keep increasing and so does the consequences of unethical Internet usage. With Russia already showing some signs of breaking down the Internet, I can only imagine the status of the Internet after 20-30 years.

Are we living in the hippie era of the Internet?Internet Hippies

People have access to movies even before it releases in their country. Illegal downloads are happening everywhere. And it is costing some serious money to some very powerful people. You can practically upload anything on the web and before you know there are infinite copies of it. I think that this would be too good to be true after certain decades.

When we live in a world where everyone has the basic knowledge of various computer languages, the distinction between ethical usage and unethical usage is bound to increase with time. I believe that after a certain period the Internet won’t be as connected as it is now. The freedom of connectivity would differ from country to country and will also depend on the mutual relations of two countries. Countries like Pakistan and North Korea have already started to curb the freedom of Internet usage.

With agencies like NSA and CIA snooping around and making a joke of privacy, it is inevitable that one day other countries will come up with a way where they solely have control on the Internet in their country.

I believe that the major developed countries will have their own separate social networking sites and Internet browsers. The download and upload content would be highly regulated. And since the regulations would be stricter, the number of youngsters trying to hack would increase significantly. It would be like youngsters smoking a cannabis joint these days. They know that it is illegal and they might get away most of the times, but once they are in the radar they can be on the wrong side of the law.

The Internet is currently celebrated as a phenomenon that connects the world. But mark my word, world politics is a phenomenon that will divide and curb the Internet.

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