This exam season, Banish Fear!

As we reach the finish line and get ready to breast the tape, we realize that it takes more than mere know how, acumen and focus to crack the exam code. It requires that additional adrenalin rush to spurt us to victory.Surviving exams

Often the going is tough – there could be setbacks in the form of backs that maybe dragging you down; there could be tough subjects that have you muddled; or your friends maybe the kind that have an agenda not conducive to studying.

But the more difficult it gets the more you need to persevere and take that all important leap of faith that could propel you forward! So dear students like our cricketers would say, “Banish Fear” and “Banish Pain.”

Give it your best students as the exams approach. Study hard, sharp and smart and stay positive firm in the belief that you can achieve and excel. It’s a short period of sweating, but the payoffs are enormous. Hard studying and happy holidaying!!!

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