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Many people often wonder what in the world is the sales funnel, and why are people using it so much these days? This article will be talk aout what a sales funnel is. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will be more aware of what it actually stands for and what it does.

The sales funnel actually maps the journey for a specific customer who goes through purchasing products or other sorts of services. When people buy a product or other services, they sometimes lose interest while in the process.

The sales funnel helps keep track of the holes responsible for this result, and it is a much easier way to identify the issue. Sometimes you will have an easier job to change your pricing structure or changing your sales copy. Still, it will be more difficult in some scenarios, depending on how big the hole is.

All in all, you will never know where the problem is without a sales funnel, and unless you make one, you will have trouble locating the source of the issue. An essential thing that should be considered is that sales funnels are definitely not static, as they will change constantly and evolve depending on how you want to meet your customer’s standards.

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What are the stages of a Sales Funnel?

Stages of a sales funnelThere are various sorts of sales funnels, but they are primarily based on what the industry is working with. It all comes down to what the needs of the company are and many other factors. Some of the things that should be factored in are awareness, discovery, quote, purchase, and loyalty.

But this topic is going to be talked over about AIDA, and it stands for Attention, Interest, Decision, and Action.  Awareness is the stage where prospects are more familiar and aware of the company you are working with. They will often have a vague understanding of what you are offering to them.

Usually, prospects seek answers on an active basis to solve some specific problems, or they simply will stumble upon an issue that goes directly to you throughout many channels. There are ways to keep track of the prospects, and some of them are really helpful.

Some of them are articles, webinars, advertisements, podcasts, landing pages, and paid searches. These can be really helpful if you want to increase awareness about what your company stands for and what you are actually doing.

If you are lucky, you might stumble upon a prospect that will immediately fall for your company and will want to pull out their credit card as soon as possible. But this scenario is not as common as many people think.

In fact, the awareness step is a sort of courtship. You should try to impress them to want additional information, or simply they will engage your business with other kinds of capacity.


sales funnel interestIf you play the cards right, you will gain more interest from them, and the next step comes in. Interest is the next stage where the customer goes. In this stage, it is of vital importance that you will show the best content you possibly have to offer.

There are many sorts of content that can help prospects research and overall build trust. Some of the contents can be web content, blog posts, newsletters, social media pages, email campaigns, etc.

You should really know that when customers are in the interest stage, you should not try and sell while they are there. Instead, this phase is for increasing their interests, sparking engagement, etc. You really want to give it your maximum while in this phase.

This will result in showing expertise, and you will let them know that you can help them solve problems and assist them in achieving greatness. If you push it too far while in this phase, you will most likely lose their interest. So, your best course is to tread lightly. For information, click on this link.


sales funnel decisionsIf you do all the previous steps just about right, the prospects will find themselves in the decision phase. You will have their attention at this point, and they will most likely be interested to learn more about your product and what services you offer.

You should also consider that you are still competing against other companies, and the deal is not yet done. So, you should take into note that you should consider giving your best deal possible. This means that you should sell your benefits, not the features.

Many companies offer free shipping, discount codes, bonus products, etc. Many other things can be done depending on what you are working with. Still, even the smallest of things can impress the prospect to make their final decision.

Some things that can help while they are in the decision phase are white papers, microsites, brochures, eBooks, etc. If you succeed in negotiating in the decision phase, they will go to the next phase. And if not, they are going back to the interest stage and will most likely do some more research before stepping forwards once again.

The final step is action. This is the time when prospects will purchase your product or services. Some content can help you go through this stage, and they are case studies, testimonials, e-learning portals, datasheets, etc.

It is essential to know that all content should end here with a strong note. Nowadays, as marketing advances rapidly, there is an automated sales funnel that you can check online. You can even ask professionals to help you create a funnel to work on the problems you have in your company.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you have found it very helpful. Hopefully, it will help you out in your future endeavors. Always remember to use the vital things in the modern days, and always take advantage of what the people are interested in.

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