The Warmth and the Heat










The flames danced wildly, and consumed them all

Letters, cards and pictures, once preserved so dear

I ripped into morsels, while the beast gave a growl

And then they were tossed, first smoldered and then flared

The ghost of what we shared, in cruel disbelief stared

Till memories burnt to embers, and I shed my last tear.



Love, the wicked flame, kindles with warming touch

Then hops to another wick, melts candle underneath

Disfigured in resemblance, of fates distorted such.

What little wax remains, can still boil to nothingness

When memories rewind to fry, your mind into madness

Unless you feed them first, to oblivion’s jagged teeth.








The twist in tale unwinds, after a year and half

Somehow you’ve unraveled, the path obscured in dark.

Your Past walks from the dead, grins an eerie laugh

Brings news of whom you left, of justice finally served;

Of sufferings afflicting one, though broken you had loved

(Those ashes will now gather, get ignited by this spark…)



“Knocking my door O Destiny, you proclaim justice with vanity!

Claiming two lives destined as one, a carnage having victor none.

I chose to forgive, walk away; why barged you in with animosity?

You failed to honor dying words, in pain pleading for welfare hers.

Loss of warmth had frozen nerves, hateful heat but scalded worse.

Before I succumb to righted wrongs, “Who you said had finally won??”



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