The stupid things people do

Have you ever done something so stupid that you ask yourself what the hell you were thinking about when you did it? Or you say, man I am a real fool, I cant believe that I just did that.

When the consequences of your actions are not life threatening it can be down right funny, and sometimes you are even proud to boast about your stupidity to your friends. You know like when you pull into a petrol station with you car only surviving on fumes and the needle gone pass E but the line to the pump is too long or the service attendants playing the fool, so you decide to take a risk and drive to the next petrol station only to run out of petrol mid way down the road?

Or you find some old fried fish or chicken in the fridge and you smell it and realise it has seen better days, but you believe that the times are too hard to throw away food so you put it in the microwave, then fix it up with some ketchup and hot sauce, but end up spending the next two days on the toilet and leaving five hundred rupees with the pharmacist?

Or even being too lazy to take off a garment that needs a bit more pressing so you decide to take the iron and fix up the wrinkley part of the garment while still wearing it, only to give your self a good burn with the hot iron? You see I know what I’m talking about because these are things that happen to me, and I do  know that you have done some real stupid things already too.

But I’m  certain that as dumb as you think you can be at times, there are still some things that people do that you say, man what on earth were they thinking when he or she did that? I mean, I remember in some place in America, a woman took her little child to the zoo, she put some honey on his hand, thrust the boy’s hand into the bear cage and took out her camera to take a picture of the bear licking the boys fingers, she thought it would make a cute picture. Well the bear bit off the little boy’s hand from the wrist down.  Now tell me what she was thinking about when she decided to do that.

What is the stupidest thing you did? I’d like to know 🙂


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