The Roads

One edge ends where another road begins. Pavement stones fitting like puzzle pieces, and footsteps hitting them , giving another strings of memories to lock in it’s safe.
One thing that Manipal can promise you is roads, you gotta walk. These roads, they have memories, stories and mysteries. Everyday thousands of people walk the same roads. It’s not just the people walking on the street who are on a journey, it’s the roads as well.
Every second, a pair of shoes walk on this road, starting a new journey, ending an old story. These roads have seen people fall in love, absolute strangers cross path and ten years into the future, they’ll marry and walk down a new road. These roads have witnessed heartbreak, seen people go their own way, becoming strangers from that day. These roads have felt the shaking bodies as they laugh, they have felt the hollowness of a teardrop. These roads have seen people run fast or slow down and take a pause. These roads have felt the heavy loss and the victory dance. The early birds , the late legends have all walked this path. The excitement of a new start , the end of an era , the start of a friendship, the end of a promise, it all happened here on the roads of Manipal.

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