The Road Less Travelled By!!

How does it feel to escape into some space of your thoughts and forget about all that has to be done?? Well sometimes life takes us to some level in life where you want to get away from everything that you are associated with. I guess I went through such a situation lately, so decided to take some time off.

As I stranded off to Surathkal Beach, I realized the road to the beach that day was closed due to the strong waves. I was disappointed but some how an old man told me to keep walking forward and move left after a small beedi shop. I kept walking.

As we kept walking the way kept unwinding its beauty and we came across this lake on the side which was so calm totally contradicting everthing that awaited us a little while later.

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And something so close to my heart the flowers which I love dearly couldn’t have been missed!

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And finally the path seemed to bend through which we had to pass so that we could land on the big black rocky hill. Now what awaited us is something I cannot describe because it was so beautiful with the waves on a high tide and shore so clear of nothing but the flowing white water.

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Sometimes silence speaks louder than words, I sat there on the rocks and just watched at the waves gush onto the shore, as if it is in a hurry to cover up the sin it has caused to silent ocean by transforming it into an emotion full of rage.

All I could hear was the waves,the cool breeze, sound of the drizzle falling on the puddle next to me and my heart beat.

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I don’t know if I reached the right place I intended to that day, but I think the one that I happened to go didn’t disappoint me one bit.

I found my peace and what I looked for on the road less travelled.

Hope you can also find your path by losing it sometimes 🙂

Hope you enjoyed it!! 🙂

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