The Reason Why Diets Don’t Work.

Why fight it? Dieting is a killer and we all hate it. Wouldn't it be great if we no longer had to do it?

It has been said that diet is simply “die” with a “t”, and that is a fairly accurate comment on how well dieting really works. Look at it this way, if you take a body that is used to being fed meat and potatoes, fast food, sweet deserts like candy, cookies, cakes and pies, and then try to cut way back on caloric intake, your body will rebel the only way it knows how: By going into starvation mode.

The body will, in order to prevent what it believes to be starvation, start storing calories as fat, thereby adequately preventing the dieter from losing any weight, or if they do lose some, they will immediately gain it all right back plus some extra. Besides that, the dieter is just as likely to lose muscle right along with the fat, thereby causing the body to be terribly depleted in it strength reserves.

A reasonable alternative to dieting is to increase the body’s metabolism so that it will chew up the fat stores naturally, without damage to the muscle, and then, keep on eating, rather than starving your body of what it needs. I once read about this woman who was trying to lose weight by eating only 800 calories a day. That’s a ridiculous number, and nobody can ever succeed on that sort of diet. There are two ways to increase metabolism, the short term way, and the long term way. One way works for only the period of time that you actively pursue it, and the other stays active for the entire day.

The short term metabolism raiser is, believe it or not, exercise. The time you spend actually exercising, your metabolism sky-rockets and burns up calories like crazy, but about an hour after you stop, so does your metabolism and it will come crashing down like a brick off the Empire State Building. This is the reason why so many of us feel unbelievably tired so soon after a good workout, even though we feel perfectly energetic while the exercise is going on. The exercise “glow” simply does not last.

What does last however, is a daily program that is designed to raise your metabolism to a certain level and then keep it there all the time. A good method for doing this involves deep breathing exercises. Of course, everyone breathes, but seldom do we spend any time breathing adequately. We usually take little, tiny breaths while most of our lung capacity goes to waste. Not good. By increasing the amount of air you take in with each breath, you are oxygenating each one of your cells, enabling them to work to their fullest capacity.

This, in turn improves all bodily functions, thereby improving the metabolism to the point where you no longer need to diet because you get slim and you stay that way effortlessly. People get fat because they are either unhealthy, and do not have adequate nutrition or adequately oxygenated cells, or they get fat because they are genetically inclined to do so. But even for the genetically inclined, there is always a hope for improvement on the weight issue if they keep their bodies healthy enough to develop a faster metabolism.

Remember: To breathe or not to breathe, that is the question.

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