The Rape within!

Sitting idle, looking outside my window; in the backdrops of my mind hits a question-‘When will the third eye of Lord Shiva open?’ Because when it will, there be a spark of another Ice-age or Jurassic-age and whole universe will get destroyed. In our holy Hindu mythology we would have heard of so many quotes like these, but do they actually exist in this rotten world? An unanswered question forever, I guess.

Sarcasm of the pitiful crimes on the face of our society and indeed a tight slap on our present security scenario has left us dumbstruck. People think if any question remains unanswered from the Police; the Government is liable to give that answer anyhow. But has anyone pondered on the fact that it’s we only who have made them our soul bearers, and they themselves have not got involved in those scenes (Exceptions excluded). See inside your shirts and find those stains that were created during various adulteries and crimes done on some point or the other, by some or the other means.

People just consider rape as the ultimate crime for a man to get punished life-long. Have they thought what about those crimes that they did when they harassed their wives, cheated their parents and forced their children to follow the same illegal path that they have followed, leading to a condition of distress in their lives? Sometimes I wonder what was the mistake of a newborn child- an outcome of a sexual assault, that the society looks at him/her through those eyes so pathetic, so reluctant!

The Delhi incident was not the first in the history of India. But definitely it was among those few that ignited a spark into a fire in the minds and lives of each and every Indian. Assaults and harassment pave their way long back from ‘The Ramayana’ and ‘The Mahabharata’. The goddess whom we pray every day was a victim of the same crime what your sister/daughter might suffer at the very next day you are out of town. It’s not the matter of security only; the saplings follow deep within, crossing each and everyone’s’ lives at some point or the other.

Rape is not only what happens on a dark night with a scared girl, but it is also the negligence pulled off by parents in bringing up their children, giving them proper guidance, environment and manners; leading to “Rape no 1- Of a child’s character”.

In the period of growing up, he comes across various peer groups. It now becomes solely his choice to select the best out of them. If he gets trapped in the maze of indecency of those hooligans, it now becomes inescapable to get out through it. All sorts of smell and flavor go inside his body from the surroundings in order to render his mind stinky and distasteful. “Rape no 2- of his conscience”.

When both conscience and character simultaneously get stuck under the same roof, the death of one’s purposeful life takes place. It is that same moment when a person starts committing blunders in all spheres of his life- personal, social and political as well.  The dilemma of his unformed mind with his diminished knowledge leads to a condition called tinnitus, which is a ringing sensation in the ears that becomes too penetrative, enters even to his brain-small with largely deformed neurons. delhi_rape_1359401260_540x540

The way and manner of an assault might have much medico-legal importance in forensic science but it hardly matters in practicality- for the society. A shocking news from our sister college regarding ‘Sexual assault on a final year MBBS student 2 days ago by 4 men’ has shook me from within. Rightly said- ‘When the wheel of time rotates, it engulfs almost everything and everyone in vicinity’. With the advancing time, mind set of men have tilted towards being more dominative and arrogant. This paves a way not only for an offence of assault but also to corruption, fraud, homicides and many more. In the irony I must say it is not that he himself wants to do, there is always a cumulative role of hundreds of other factors (alcohol intoxication being the primary one) making them lead a life with an image of a beast.

Lord Shiva definitely has to change his criteria of punishing people and make this place named Earth worth living. O thou human, listen to your heart, do good to yourself and to your mother’s milk!

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