The Paradise called Hell

The first thing that I thought about when I saw the train coming towards me was that where would I go: To hell or heaven? I closed my eyes for one last time and then the lights went out.

The next thing I knew that I was standing at the Times Square, the place I always wanted to see but could not. The only odd thing was that it was completely empty. No traffic, no noise, no people.

“You always wanted to come here if I am not mistaken Viktor”. I heard a voice behind me. I turned and there he was. The most exquisite man I had ever seen dressed in a black suit. Tall and strong, his facial expression was blank but his voice had a hint of arrogance.
“Yes yes! How did you know? Are you God?” I blurted out without thinking how foolish it sounded.
He started to laugh. He was laughing wildly, as if I had said something really humorous. He stopped abruptly and said, “Let’s not talk about me from now onwards, tell me about you! You are one unsatisfied soul I must say”.
I was confused and a tiny bit scared from this weird man. I said, “What do you mean by unsatisfied soul?”
He started to look impatient and said, “Just tell me what you want. You will have it.”

I always wanted a Lamborghini. I told him that. He winked and left. When I turned I saw my dream car standing in front of me. I was astonished. This must be heaven! I was overjoyed!
I got inside the car and drove. I drove like mad. I was not scared of death, I had already died! After several hours I realized the truth.

I never wanted the car. I wanted people to see me with that car. And there was no one here. I was miserable. I did not know what to do next. I should have asked for something better! Maybe a nice house or something delicious to eat! I started to look for that man I had met at Times Square. As soon as I thought of him he appeared out of nowhere.

“Ok enough! Tell me who are you mister? What should I call you?”
“What do you want now?” he replied.
“Why wouldn’t you tell me about yourself?” I asked angrily.
“It is irrelevant.” he replied with the same uninteresting tone.
“I want a luxurious apartment with all the facilities one could think of! And I want every delicacy of the world whenever I want!” I demanded.
He said,” Of the world?” and started to laugh again as he handed me a card. He pointed towards the adjacent building and left.

I did not like that man at all. I went inside the building and went to the address written on the card. This was it! I had finally got what I always wanted. The apartment was splendid in every way I could think of. The view was breath-taking. I was overjoyed to discover a pantry in my house with mouth-watering dishes coming out of nowhere.
I was relaxed! I started to enjoy sitcoms day and night filling myself up with everything I ever wanted to eat. I became unaware of the time that passed by. I was never scared of any consequences because I was already dead. Nothing could kill me now. This went on for months and then something unexpected happened.

I was bored.

This scared me a lot! My whole world view began to change. It was only six months in this place and I had everything I ever wanted. Or did I miss something?

He again appeared in my living room. He was smirking as he said,” You seemed to have grown a lot since our last visit”.
Ignoring the insult said,” I want women! The most beautiful women you could give me!”
He seemed delighted as if he was proven right! “Every one of you is so predictable!” he said as he started to laugh again. He left.

And then I lost the count of time. I drowned myself in the ocean of lust. Everything that I had always wanted in the most irreverent dreams. Unsatisfied, this went on for years.

And then I was bored.

I was frightened. I had fulfilled my materialistic wishes and now I was alone with nothing to do. The women I had with me never talked. I had everything with me and I yet I was not happy.

He appeared again for one last time. Before I could say anything he asked me, “Are you done?”
I said,” Yes! What is all this about? Are you trying to teach me a lesson?”
He replied,” It’s too late for you to learn a lesson. And I don’t think you would require my assistance now. As far as my name is concerned, you can call me Mr. Lucifer.” He smiled in the most devilish way one could possibly imagine. I shrank into the corner of my room as he left.

For years now I have been in this place. Imagine a place where you have everything and yet you are the most miserable person in the world. Yesterday I knew that I was in hell. Because I jumped from the tallest structure I could find and when I landed on the concrete, it was as soft as the fur of a puppy and I had no longer the right to die.


  1. well apart from that pungent whiff of hollywood infused in, it was quite imaginative, and the soul of the narration did indeed provide a glimpse into one of the lesser known evils, that ominously hollow emptiness.. nevertheless, keep writing ^_^

    • 😀 that is correct! there is an entire set that I picture before writing so it might have come out as filmy! anyways thanks! 🙂

  2. Amazing article and it also sums up a lot of things we have been discussing lately. You think of a concept, get your characters, make your story and through that push your concept in the readers head. Nicely done. By the way I can sue you for the “too many co-incidence thing right ?”

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