The Non Conformist

So, if you were to describe yourself in one word, what would that one word be? Non Conformist, without batting an eyelid, pat came the reply. The brief moment, that followed, had the room in an eerily pin drop stunned silence, while the interviewer processed the different answer to a pretty regulation question.

I sailed through that interview.

Rumour has it, when Michelangelo was painting The Last Supper at Sistine Chapel, he was pretty frustrated because no matter how hard he tried, he simply couldn’t find the inspiration behind Jesus’ face . When the Pope visited him and enquired what was taking him so long, like a true artist , an annoyed Michelangelo, irreverently, muttered that all he saw when he looked around were candles at the altar, not one distinguishable from the rest.

In this rat race, pause for a minute, step back and wonder if there is something about you that really differentiates you from being that candle at the altar, totally identical to the one next to you. Or have you become so engrossed, furiously, running around in circles that you can’t see the futility of your meaningless and mindless pursuit.

The funny thing about choice is that it can be deceptively illusionary. When was the last time, we really made a life altering choice on our own? We, Indians, more often than not, have our entire lives scripted by someone else. Invariably, our parents decide what school we go to, what career we end up taking and in some really unfortunate cases whom we end up marrying. Our wives, then decide the colour of the walls and when the kid finally come of age, they dictate how we should spend our old age and this vicious cycle goes on ad infinitum.

Ann Ryan‘s school of thought talks about individualism, about making our own choices and owning up to those choices, time and again. About the need to do things because one wants to, not because its expected of him. About the need to be selfish and placing self interest over everything else. About living life on one’s own terms and not falling into the trap of either social expectations or that of greater good.

Be different, Be Original, make your own choices, break free of the shackles, quit the rat race, enjoy life, have fun, laugh like a kid, stop worrying about the tomorrow, don’t hesitate, don’t be afraid, make your own choices, make mistakes, tread the unknown, do different things, do things differently, let go of safety nets, spread your wings, take the leap of faith, fall and rise like a phoenix from the ashes.

Remember , one day the dots will all connect backwards. For now, be irreverent, be a rebel, Be a Non Conformist.

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  1. This is a rose-tinted view to that approach of individualism.
    what aspiring non-conformist should also be made aware of is the character-building (read painful) exercise , being a non-conformist can be.

    Owning up to your choices is a very mild, sugar-coated…in fact dismissive way of putting it.

    Choices will have consequences. And Non-conformism will have its price. The satisfaction you get from being a non-conformist comes with a price that you must be willing to pay and will have to learn to pay.

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