The longings part 2

“Maa tell me na, how was I when small??”

“Consistently you ask me the same question betu, tell me what you wanna know..”

“Something which you never told me mumma…”

It was February…Pleasant weather and time for our way in a new journey. You were in my arms and that was the only time when you were crying and I was smiling.

Then your mumbling started. Involved in your own world you kept on reciting a story. Your story was unaffected ; whether someone is listening or not and then tired of long vocalizations, suddenly you would start crying and then your papa lifted you in his arms. And the way you threw tantrums… your father understood everything even when you couldn’t speak and now you speak a lot and say papa you don’t understand.

After a few months you started crawling on your knees and then we positioned all the decorative and the entire house was reshuffled. Still your beloved destination was the dressing table and the day you got a hold of my lipstick we could she your hidden art exhibited on the righteous place “the walls”. Well still I acknowledge the same childhood traits, as even today you spend a lot of time admiring yourself in front of mirror.

I don’t remember exactly when you learnt ‘hide and seek’ but I do remember having a nice workout running all through the rooms holding a spoon. And before I could feed you a single spoon, there were no cats or birds which didn’t eat from me. Because before eating you made sure that I made all kinds of assurance that yeah this spoon is for cat and the other for a sparrow and so on. And believe me the anklets which you wore did a great job in helping me to find out where you had hidden.

One fine day we left the door open and that day you found the way to your own world. Sopping wet in the garden and your clothes soaked in mud. This picture reveals the real you and see how the days had a magic charm and exposed yet another characteristic of yours, that now even an improper curve of eyeliner annoys my fun obsessed daughter.

Every night you persuaded that your father should narrate a story to your tiger and kitty and when these were fast asleep only then we could see you sleeping peacefully. Although your papa had to recite the same story daily just flipping the characters in each.

And now these toys adorned with your touch strike a chord of a little princess who added new meanings to our life. These bright eyes reflect a swarm of dreams in an ocean ready to outburst. Be thankful for what has been given to you and life is giving you so much that your thankfulness is always going to fall short.

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