The Issue of Intercourse

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No matter how old you are in life, sexual intercourse will always be a heavy influence on your relationships. Whether it’s as strong a factor once you have lost your virginity, well that’s a completely different question.

The youth of today seem to be overwhelmed about the myths and reality of sex. This single three letter word is discussed the most by teenagers in most schools nowadays. We talk about at school, out of school, on the phone and via WhatsApp. There’s no escape to it. But what’s the big deal about sex?

To find my answers, I asked four people to answer a set of identical questions. However, I did not choose four random people. I chose a male and female who are virgins, and a male and a female who are not. I feel that this has enabled me to gather all of the information required.

The first ever time you heard the word “sex”, it would probably have been from a member of your family. If you were young, your mum and dad would’ve come up with one of the usual excuses. A few examples from the interview were “It’s when Daddy and I rub our bum’s together”, and “It’s when mummy and I bake a cake together”. The list could go on, but the question I want answered is this: Why do your parents cover up what sex is when you’re young? Surely if you found out what it really was at that age, you wouldn’t have wanted to know anyway? I know I would have though something like “hah, why would you want to do that”.

Secondly, I asked my clients who they found about the reality of sex from. The most common answer was your bog standard sexual education lesson, though I had some interesting answers. “It was sprayed on a toilet wall at my school” is a good example of this. My second question is this: Who would you rather have found out from? Your parents or your school teacher? Either way, it’s likely to be a pretty embarrassing thing to be hearing. The third most common answer is that you find out off your friends. Surely it couldn’t get better than that? Someone you trust telling you about how it happens? Yeah, it’s good, but the case against it is that at that age, you’re quite unlikely to find out all of the more important details.

So, you’ve found out about sex. Wow, great… now what? Some people argue that children know about sex too early and some vice versa. Why do you need to know about sex before you’re 16? After all, how is there a risk of your children engaging in sexual activity if they don’t even know what it is? There is an ongoing debate about this. Should they know, or should they have it kept quiet?

My final point on this topic is about underage pregnancy. If you get pregnant when you’re under-age, your life could drastically change for the better or worse, depending on your living conditions and family. But what about the age restrictions? Are they really there for our safety? To make sure people don’t get unnecessarily pregnant? But, on quote: “There are not really more consequences doing it when you’re in any of your teenage years to be honest, whether it’s under or overage.” This is the view of one of my interviewees. Surely this is true – if you get pregnant when you’re thirteen, you’re in as much trouble as if you got pregnant when you’re 19? Sure, you’ve been through the majority of your education, but you’ll still be in the same position mentally.

I hope this topic has raised a few questions in your mind. It did for me, whilst writing it. Thanks for reading.

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