The IMMEX Program in Mexico

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The IMMEX program was launched in 2006 for foreign companies to invest in an industrial process. IMMEX has increased the investment of foreigners in Mexico. The best way to join IMMEX is to apply for membership in an industrial process.

By applying you will get temporary incorporation to IMMEX. The manufacturers in Mexico IMMEX repair, transform, and import new foreign material. No tax will be applicable if you have a certificate from IMMEX.

In 2013 all the VAT (value-added tax) eliminated by the VAT certification. Now there is a need to understand how the IMMEX program works?

Here is the complete guide about the IMMEX program in Mexico:

What is IMMEX and What does it stand for?

As the IMMEX has boosted the foreign exchange and investment in Mexico, you have yo know what does it stand for? The IMMEX program promotes your business by taking incentive steps. It is established by the Mexican government to empower national export.

The IMMEX stands for Maquiladora Manufacturing and Export Service industry. The goals and incentives set by the IMMEX lead to an increase of 99% in export trade.

The benefits of IMMEX and Maquiadora Programe in Mexico:

By the IMMEX program, the Mexican government is offering foreign companies to establish a temporary business in Mexico. In this way, the export trade in Mexico increases. The IMMEX and Maquiladora have lower down the tax so that big businesses can be launched between the US and Mexico.

It allows companies to export different things and materials to repair and manufacture the products. The overall modernized and advanced way is introduced for the exportation. The IMMEX program fully integrates the export of fuel and raw-material.

After a fixed time, the repaired product must be delivered to other IMMEX companies in Mexico as a temporary import status.

IMMEX Registrations:

The IMMEX is offering different types of registration that are given below:

  • IMMEX Holding company program
  • IMMEX industrial Program
  • IMMEX services program
  • IMMEX shrlter program
  • IMMEX outsourcing program

All the IMMEX programs are offering a distinctive type of services. If you want to establish a business in Mexico, you may avail  IMMEX programs as the services offered by them are beneficial.

The IMMEX program member can avail of the offer of tax saving on different products and raw materials. And you can get the registration of the Mexico department of Economy by the IMMEX program.

How to get a Quick Acces to the IMMEX program’s Benefits?

One of the most effective ways to get quick benefits from the IMMEX program is to have to IMMEX membership. By getting registered to IMMEX, you will have access to experienced persons that will navigate your business to the peak.

The benefit to select a manufacturer company is that you become a partner of foreign entities. It will help you to set up your own business or a factory.


If you are going to set up a new business in Mexico, you must consult with the experts as they are experienced, and they can help you in a better way.

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