The complexities of life and the “simple” you!

As technology has advanced , the universe has become a more sophisticated  place to live in. Our priorities have changed and we have changed!!We no longer live with our parents , we no longer cry for chocolates and cakes , We no longer celebrate birthday parties at home!!

In short we grew up!!!

As a contrast to the “FUN “ that we thought growing up would be , we sit in a ocean of “what to do next”. There are dreams which are sprouting , there are relationships breaking and tears very often. There are unfulfilled commitments , there is a long To DO list , there are people to prove and the poor you doesn’t know what to do.

So how do we survive?
Does the complex life need to complex you too????
Does every teenager need to go through this identity crisis and depression in their mid twenties?
The answer is NO.

The reason why we struggle is because we expect a lot.

A lot from life!
A lot from God!
A lot from a relationship!
A lot from basically EVERYTHING

If you are born to millionaire parents , you crib about not having billionaire parents!!
IF you have a two-wheeler ,you want to have a four-wheeler!!
If you have a boyfriend who does everything for you, you still have that one IDEAL person whom you can compare him with.

If life has given u 100 happiness, you still want to cry over that one sorrow that was given as a complementary!!
If God has given you plenty luxuries, You still complain telling about that one thing he forgot to include!!
On the whole! You have a bad life, You are messed up!!
And your life sucks right???

But then for a moment , let go of everything that is predetermined and think!!!
Is life really that bad?
Or is it your perception that has blindfolded you to the beauty and wonders of life!!

Wouldn’t half of your problems disappear if you stopped expecting too much from life and take things the way they are?
Isn’t life more beautiful if some person comes along and loves you the way he wants and not you yourself deciding his qualities and then feeling bad about it?

Isn’t it more elegant when god takes you through his adventure of plans and then surprise you!!
Life is never a perfect package! In a way you gain , In a  way you lose!!
And you go through this all through your life!!
Things may  not be the best today!!
Life may not be perfect today!!

But  for how long can things stay wrong? Eventually everything will fall in its place!!!
The only thing that can save you from the complications and complexity of your life is your simplicity!!


Find joys in small things, stop overstressing yourself , Have time for people you love and laugh a lot!!!
Set goals ,work hard but have fun!!
Stop expecting and be thankful to what you possess!!
Stop  crying over things you can’t change , accept your weakness , Be proud of what you are good at.

Forgive and forget the people who dumped you!!  Pray for them and let go of the grudges.
If people don’t appreciate you for what you do, don’t worry!! You appreciate yourself.
Remember its your journey!!

They don’t know about the pains and sacrifices you have made.
They know nothing about the tears and the insecurities you have gone through.
You know it better!!

Take life the way it comes and you will be surprised how happy it can make you!!!
The journey that we have started is a long and a tough one.
But you still have 2 options  to go through it,
Either  you continue to   tell yourself a million times , how unlucky you are and cry along

Or else decide
That you are going to stay happy ,No matter what!!
Cause nothing in this world is worth taking your beautiful smile from your face!!
The choice , as usual happens to be yours!!!

About the Author: Rachan C Hegde is an alumnus of School of Allied Health Sciences, Manipal University. She is currently pursuing MBA in Hospital and Healthcare Management at Symbiosis International University, Pune!

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