The Blunderous Past – A poem by Vipresh Mehta

Why isn’t it possible to overcome the blunderous past?
What treacherous spell on us these memories cast.

Good deeds of past are easier to forget,
but the pinching ones treat you as their pet.

We know that life would never be the same again,
but still hurt ourselves and no words can explain the pain.

These haunt us each and every moment,
and occupy our heart and mind forever on rent.

Why isn’t it possible to overcome the blunderous past?
Why does it always leave us aghast?

We always try our level best,
to forget and live happily with the rest.

But there comes at least a moment each day,
when these thoughts creep in and make their way.

At this juncture it’s not possible for us to control,
and once again they make us fall.

Always they make us cry,

its very tough to overcome the past I want to know why?

These take away all interest from life,
no matter how helping and understanding is your girlfriend or wife.

They never let u cheer,
is it all that you deserve Oh’ dear?

Is it not possible for us to make amend,
and give these exhausting thoughts a happy end?

Why isn’t it possible to forget the blunderous past?
Why do these bloody memories have a longer last?

Why can’t we be ever the same?
Relocating our lost name and fame.

Why can’t we just forget that incident?
Oh’ my dear friends. Please do comment!

Can’t we win over it and be mentally strong?
Why cant we be really happy and bring our life back on song?

Seeing this pain our close ones are also hurt by,
it isn’t easy to overcome them but I want to know why?

C’mon friends lets be together and win,
and just forget these incidents with a big grin.

Let those incidents know, that you’re not their toy but their biggest foe.

Whenever these incidents creep in your mind,
tame them being their master and think of your most loved one and bliss you’ll find.
Just show them off biding them forever a smiling goodbye,
Its really tough pretending to be happy and forget them but I want know why?

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