The Best Way to Get Paid and Travel: Teaching English in Asia

School Teacher With Asian Students

Ever since the world has embraced the digital nomad lifestyle, we’ve come up with new and exciting ways to traverse the globe while we build our careers, alone or with companions alike. Add to this trend the fact that travel has generally become significantly more affordable, and numerous countries especially in Asia have become more open to visitors, and it’s no wonder we are seeing this new boom in working travelers.

While you could, in all fairness, say that there are many ways you could work your way through your Asia tour, and that teaching English is a beloved occupation in other regions as well, this particular mix has become a favorite among travelers for many reasons. The need for English teachers is on the rise, compensation is more than fair, and choosing this occupation is one of the best ways to immerse yourself into these cultures, too. Let’s take a walk across Asia to see what makes each of those countries so appealing to English teachers!

Vietnam’s authentic vibe

No matter where the roads have taken you so far, as soon as you reach this remote destination, you’ll feel as if you’ve entered an entirely different universe. Time has a different pace in Vietnam, sometimes moving faster than the speed of light when you’re trying to maneuver the streets on a motorbike, and sometimes it reaches a standstill in one of Vietnams’ serene rice terraces.

Work-life balance in Vietnam is very prominent, and you’ll mostly encounter shorter hours for your teaching schedule with fair salary, and plenty of free time to explore. Food and accommodation are very easy to come by and exceptionally easy to pay for, and you’ll find that their students are eager to advance – and they’ll take you to some of the finest street food vendors just around the block.

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Hong Kong’s fast-paced progress

It’s one thing to visit Hong Kong as an avid solo traveler eager to explore its crowded streets and rich history and culture, but a completely different story if you’re there to become a part of their local life. Very ambitious and prepared to take the lead in the recent tech revolution, Hong Kong’s need for English is growing by the minute, hence the need for qualified teachers.

Success stories from a range of schools such as Monkey Tree in Hong Kong give a unique perspective on teachers who have made the most of their stay in the region while perfecting their teaching skills and helping the local community grow. High salaries in Hong Kong mean you’ll have a high saving potential, unless you succumb to the allure of their impeccable shopping centers, high-end restaurants, and nightclubs. Stay smart, and you’ll receive not just a monetary reward, but an experience of a lifetime as well.

Japan’s beehive culture

One of the pricier Asian destinations on the list, Japan is known for its competitive spirit and a work-focused culture. The same level of professionalism and dedication is expected from anyone joining the working ranks in Japan, so rest assured that your CV claims will be tested to the limit.

However, if you’re a fast-paced individual, and an ambitious one at that, Japan is indeed a great opportunity for people who enjoy this atmosphere of pristine work ethic. It’s also a unique opportunity to teach students of all ages, since many adults also take up English courses in Japan, which is not too common in other Asian regions where mostly kids will spend time in your classroom.

Thailand’s stunning coastline

If you’ve ever needed an excuse to treat yourself to a working vacation in one of the most coveted destinations, then this is your chance, because Thailand is in need of English teachers. This is one of those exotic paradises where you’ll feel as if you’re mostly on vacation with a pinch of work. With more tourism coming their way, it’s no wonder Thailand is increasing efforts to prepare its inhabitants and simplify communication with their visitors.

In addition to the relaxed mood of the country and its dreamy beaches, you’ll find that it’s extremely affordable, and that your salary will not just help you cover your monthly expenses but you’ll save up plenty for your next round of travels. Thailand also makes an excellent base for exploring the rest of Asia, particularly because of its low prices of accommodation and food.

Many who have embarked on the English teaching journey have actually chosen to stay in one of these wonderful countries for the rest of their lives. You never know what this adventure holds for you, but rest assured you’ll be mesmerized by everything Asia has to offer, and that it’ll certainly fuel your desire for even more travel in the future.

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