The best poker games in online casinos

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Playing card games is one of the most spread games of entertainment. It´s a ground for debate of its origin. Most experts agree that it is from Asia sometime in the 13th century. Some say that it is from India and some claim it is from China. But it is an exceedingly small resemblance between those card s and those that are used in casinos today

Something for everyone

There are numerous variations of games that can be found around the world. From the easiest kids’ games where the winner has collected the most suits, to complex games like Bridge where you need a partner to pair up with and it takes up to a year to be an average player. And then there are numerous card games that are played in homes, casinos, and online.

There is more to learn about this for those who are curious or want inspiration, a good start can be to look at this website. There you can learn more about all sorts of card games for kids and adults.

Online gaming has grown enormously since the beginning of the internet. Today there are casinos offering gamblers entertainment from all over the world. The most common games are different variations of poker. If you want, you can learn more about the history of card games here.

Three card poker is called the original poker game

And three card brag is known as the ancestor of poker, played in several variations around the globe. Three card poker in all its variations is a fast and fun way of playing with stakes, and in the brag version, the first to put its bet after the cards are given is the one that decides the lowest stake as one player can´t put in less than the previous player but only the same or more.

It starts with the dealer given all the players three cards with the face down and the players then place their bets one by one and the best hand wins the pot.

A nerve-wracking and fun variation that can be played at some Teen Patti, it is an Indian version that starts with dealing three cards and then all players place their bets. After that, each player can decide if they want to see their cards or not. It means you can play the whole run without seeing your own cards. That is gambling for the cold minded players for sure! If you are curious about this form of poker you can learn more and players can try teen patti with real money

The most common games of poker are Texas Hold em

It’s a straightforward game where every player receives two cards to themself. The dealer then shows three cards that is used to complement the hand. The bets then start and after the first round of bets the dealer shows another card and another round of bets are done, and then the fifth and last shared card is shown. The best hand wins.

You can play this in different video versions both with and without betting real money in most online casinos and in live casinos with real money, dealers, and opponents.

Some say that Blackjack is the best casino game you can play

Blackjack is one of the most commonly played card games on both real casinos, video games, and in live casinos. The aim is to get as close or to but not over 21, by adding the value of the cards. All players and the dealer is given two cards, each player is then given a chance to add cards until they reach 21 or say stop. At last, the dealer is then dealing cards to themself, all players that are closer than the dealer to 21 wins.

Wants to know more about games in India? Information on the Indian market is interesting to all players – both beginners and pros!

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