The Best Gambling Books Money Can Buy in 2022

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Like gambling videos, books about gambling provide inspiration for finding betting methods and finding the best possible way to play Popular casino games, the best strategies for each game, or even popular casinos online and land-based.

There may not even exist many gambling books on international bestsellers lists or on booklists of the month, however, it is a fact that the world of gambling has always provided the backdrop for interesting storylines. Whether it is a novel that takes place in the most secret rooms at the Casino de Paris at Montecarlo or the true story about the loss of the fortune by Fyodor Dostoyevsky at Baden — gambling is always the perfect subject for an excellent literary study. And it’s also helpful.

Books about Gambling in General

There is not an exhaustive list of legalized gambling in the US. 206 first pages have interviews with gambling players. Besides, the gambling services offer advice from different specialists. There’s plenty of information that will be useful to gamblers of all levels. There are also a lot of useful coupons at the bottom of the page. Excellent work!! Its information is very accurate, and its writer is witty and descriptive. Questions from an experienced casino operator with 30 years of experience.

Scarne’s Complete Guide to Gambling By John Scarne.

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John Scarne (pronounced Scarney) has long been known for his contributions to gambling history and for this pro he has compiled an interesting book. Scarne explains the complete guide for the game is excellent for beginners. This book provides you with an excellent overview of casino gaming online. The gambling book covers the history and the rules of the most popular casino games and also some maths for gambling, as well as some tips for cheaters. What we learn, we can never use.

Roll The Bones by David G Schwartz.

The story in this book originates directly from David Schwartz, director of UC Las Vegas’ Center for Game Science. Schwartz has created some really good research that explains the origins of many of the most popular gambling and card games and their histories. It goes on without end. Schwartz reveals the stories of some of the world’s greatest gamblers. In the 18th century, the writer Frances Voltaire discovered a secret way to win 9 million.

The theory of poker by David Sklansky

I’m referring to David Sklansky’s book Theory of Poker for beginners who want a simple and practical way of thinking about poker. The book will be exactly as expected under the title, a simple dive into more complex games. Sklansky combines academic precision with practical content and accessibility for writing. It is important to know how the odds of winning differ depending on your game now.


The most famous gambling books are biographies of famous players who have changed the gambling game with their vision, skills, and artistry for the better. Enjoyed by a wider audience they provide an example in life as they celebrate the greatness of humanity and create an ideal for everyone one of us.

A Man for All Markets by Edward E. Thorpe

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=1400067960&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=IN&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=vishalbhat 21&language=en INThis gambling book tells the true story of Edward E. Throp – a legendary mathematician whose invention invented cards and actually demonstrated that houses never get to win. Learn how the entrepreneur transformed teaching gambling and launched the Wall Street revolution in a biography of the person that transformed the way we gamble.

It should be read to understand how people have a huge impact on people’s lives. Life is an abstract amalgam of chance and choice; Chance is viewed as playing the cards. Choose your own strategy. The man who dominated every aspect of the market.

All Bets Are Off by Arnie Wexler

Join in the darkness of gambling addiction told by Arnie & Sheila Wexler. Arnie started experimenting with casino games at 14 and gradually developed a compulsive gambling habit that eventually led him along with his wife Shel. They escape from addiction and find a healthy and safe lifestyle.

Books on History and Notable Events

Tell me the origin of gambling? List the best gambling tools of all time. Tell us your favorite historical event that has affected our gaming industry? Below are suggestions from books that examine how the game began and details some of the major tournament events and other notable gambling events.

The biggest game in town by Al Alvarez

In this gambling classic often called the best book about poker, acclaimed poet and literary critic Al Alvarez takes the curtain down on the high-stakes Poker Table by vividly portraying the atmosphere of World Series Poker and the players – from the beginning to the end. This was the first book to document the experience of poker professionals and it has been thought to be the beginning of the genre of poker. It provides insight into gambling psychology in a broader sense. “When fighting there is no danger in it, no triumphs can be achieved”. Alvarez.

Positively Fifth Street by James McManus

The book follows James McManus to Las Vegas to cover Harper’s Bazaar in an assignment in which the author wrote Fear and Loathing. This book follows McManus’ adventures in a suspensefully told story of gloominess, luck, greed, and murder.

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