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“Any other place, any other college or education may give you a job. The army will give you life. You can make that choice.” – Lt. Gen A Arun.

Lt. General A Arun was 13th Ranked in the IIT entrance exam. He dropped out of IIT and joined the National Defence Academy. With over 40 years of service in the army, he was wounded after being shot multiple times. However, he believes that he has lived life to the fullest. Hence the quote.

nda coaching

NDA Coaching

The importance of the army is unprecedented. So are the institutions that build up the core of the army. As for our great Indian army officers, all thanks go to the National Defence Academies. But is serving in the most honorable of jobs that can give you a life guaranteed for anyone who wants to be in the army? That is not the case exactly, as there are strict rules and measures that exist before someone can be part of the army. That goes for both officers and the Non commissioned officers.

Like any other educational institution, very rigorous tests are set in place. Attending the top defence academy in India will help you qualify. However, what differentiates the defence exams from other fields such as engineering or medical is the added factor of physical fitness and tests that needs to be undertaken by the aspirants. And that by no means is an easy feat to accomplish.

With a rising fervor for joining the Indian army, the competition level keeps on getting higher and higher, while the army’s standards keep rising as well. As our country has hostile nations across borders, the army as the first line of defence is not something that has the luxury of slipping up at any point in time. Thus the expectations from every single personnel in the army remain high at every point in time.

To meet these demands, only the best of the best from the applicants are chosen. Even though this might make the process sound extremely complex and disheartening to aspirants, it is not exactly that way. With the growth in the Indian army due to the various benefits that the army offers, the number of places that can help you fulfill your dream of serving your country at the highest level possible has also grown to a significant level.

Coaching for joining the NDA and defence academies across the country might not be as high as the coaching offered for joining the IITs and other mainstream colleges; however, this has been on the rise for the past several years. With the massive number of aspirants, NDA coaching has become one of the toughest exams to crack in the country.nda coaching institute

This is something that the different coaching institutes acknowledge, and they make it their duty to help students reach that level where they can successfully achieve their dreams by cracking their exams. However, this is not a one-sided process that an institute can undertake alone because, despite the guidance, the defence exams are made in a way that makes only the most dedicated and prepared students crack it.

Even though it is possible to crack the NDA without guided preparation that a coaching institute built for the specific exam offers, being in such coaching can make the process much less stressful for the aspirants.

Unlike coaching institutes for mass exams like JEE or NEET, the defence coaching exams don’t take anyone. However, due to the extremely high standards set by the army, the aspirants also need to be of a level that can make them formidable in the entrance exams.

Joining the best NDA coaching in Dehradun also requires tremendous aptitude. Although most such NDA coaching institutions have batches of around 40-100 people at maximum, they try to ensure individual attention as much as possible. The highly qualified and trained staff are usually people who have cracked the exams themselves and have also served in the army; thus, their tips and suggestions are invaluable.

The NDA exam is a tough nut to crack because of the vastness of the syllabus that needs to be covered. Moreover, as there are stringent age limits, dropping multiple years in hopes of cracking the exam is not exactly an option or a luxury that aspirants can undertake as they could with other fields with a more lenient age limit. Thus, having the security of a coaching institute explicitly built for defence training becomes of the essence for many aspirants who dream of joining our country’s Armed forces.

Not only do the coaching institutions make the chances of cracking the exam higher, but the knowledge gained during the preparation for the NDA is also something that stays with the aspirant, regardless of the results due to the nature of the training for the program. Some institutes even provide NDA coaching after 10th so that you can be prepared for faster access to the NDA coaching.

Overall, the coaching for defence institutions in India offers a better gateway to the many aspirants looking for a prestigious career in the country’s Armed Forces. However, with or without the coaching institutes, it is the aspirants’ hard work and dedication, which is the main thing that can help them cement their place in the Armed Forces. As the love for the country and an unwavering sense of duty is not something any coaching can provide.

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