The beautiful eyes-Entry no 27(Paranormal Romance)

“Kavya” ….He screamed again

And again..

And again..

But it seemed that she had gone…Forever…


This is my story. 

I am Kumud Vardhan, Son of the biggest industrialist of Mathura and the most eligible bachelor of the country …until..I met Kavya…

After completing my graduation in medicine, I went to Mumbai to pursue further studies. 

While coming from Library one fine afternoon, I happened to look into an empty classroom. I couldn’t stop myself from going in and I saw someone painting. I quietly tip-toed to have a better view. It was a girl …and the painting mesmerised me. Words spilled from my mouth instantly and I exclaimed with joy “Amazing”! She turned towards me and I stood there as if I had touched a naked wire. She was blind. Forgive me if it sounds rude but yes she was. Yet her hazelnut eyes captivated me. Her eyes spoke a thousand unsaid words. Her eyes were the window to her beautiful soul.This sure was love at first site. I decided then and there that she would be Mrs. Kumud Vardhan.

We got married after 3 years after a lot of opposition from my family’s side.

Kavya had lost her family a decade ago. So according to her, I was the only one now on which she could depend on. 

We purchased a nice sea-view 3BHK in Mumbai itself and started living happily. Since the day we got married, I used to observe Kavya in the morning because her behaviour used to be very strange. She used to sweat a lot, had palpitations, looked scared with dried crushed lips. 3 days passed like this and I decided to ask her. And then came the words from her which shook my world completely. She told me that though God did not bless her with eyesight, yet he have her a gift. She could foresee everything. She had visions. First I thought she is playing some kind of prank on me, but it was indeed a thought and not reality. I did not discuss this with her further.

Days passed by like this. Our relationship was sailing a rough sea. On our first wedding anniversary, I decided to make up for the days bygone. That night, as I entered the house, strong chills ran through my body. I saw Kavya clinging on to the roof, blood oozing from her mouth and dripping on the floor, her clothes torn horribly as if she was chewing them. Tears rolled down my cheeks. I was so helpless at that time. I asked her to come down. But she refused me in a voice which was so different from hers. She kept on speaking something in her native language which I couldn’t understand. She was growling, crying,shouting,laughing all at the same time. I badly wanted my Kavya back. 

I ran out of the house to call for some help. Luckily I found father Christopher and asked him to come with me. Seeing the urgency of the situation, he agreed.

When we came back, Kavya was nowhere to be seen. Instead there was a letter kept exactly at the place where I was standing a few minutes before. 



I know when you will be reading this, I would be in a different world. I hope this will answer all that you wanted to ask me. I used to behave abnormally because I had visions . I used to see something happening to our lives. In order to know the reason behind it, I went to the man who taught me painting. He had some knowledge about these things. He told me that my sister who died with my parents in the accident wanted to take your life. Since you considered me an integral part of your life, I could save you. But in that case I will have to sacrifice my life . My sister started visiting me in dreams and soon I could feel her presence. Tonight, I am going with her..not just that, I’m taking away all the pain that would have come to you when I was alive. Forgive me for everything. I have always loved you and will continue to do even when I am not with you in this world.




I screamed again …and again …and again..

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