The A to Z of Impressing Your Date

A Attitude is everything! Always approach a date with a confident, positive attitude.     It’s contagious!

B Borrow something from a friend or wear something new. New clothing and accessories will make you feel like you look your best.

C Compliment your date! You don’t have to go overboard but a compliment will win anyone over.

D Dress nicely. You can dress sexy but still leave a little to the imagination.

E Elegance will impress anyone. The place you choose for dinner, the background music at your home, your style of dress – these should all exude elegance.

F Fun! The point of a date is to have fun, not to be uncomfortable and stiff. Try to forget you’re even on a date and make it fun for both of you.

G Gifts. Although better reserved for a second or third date, no one can resist a gift. It does not need to be expensive just personal and thoughtful.

H Hygiene is extremely important, not only on your date but in anything you do. Clean teeth, clean hair and clean body show your date that you care about how you look.

I Interesting conversation. You don’t have to have a list of conversation topics but you should be able to bring up issues of interest to you and to them. Current events are great for lulls in conversation.

J  Jokes. A sense of humor is an attractive characteristic. You don’t have to be a stand-up comedian but being able to laugh at yourself and crack a few jokes never hurt anyone.

K Kissing. The timing of your kiss will say how you feel about your date. It shouldn’t be too early or too late and at the right time as not to seen awkward.

L Lighting. If you’re going to have your date over, make sure the light is not too much (or too little) light. You’d be surprised at how much lighting can impact the mood of the evening.

M Mystery. An air of mystery is great for a first date. This does not mean you need to leave your date hanging all the time. But once in a while, alluding to things about yourself that not everyone knows is an incredible turn-on.

N Normal. You want to appear different but now probably isn’t the time to tell your date your theory that aliens are controlling your toaster.

O Organization. If it is up to you to plan the date, make sure you do it well. There’s nothing worse than a flustered date.

P Perfume is so much more important than you think it is. It stimulates the senses and can make a person sexually aroused. Cologne for men has the same effect.

Q Quiet. Let your date talk about him or herself. Do not monopolize the conversation.

R Restaurant. Choosing a good place to eat shows style. Picking someplace you’ve been before will assure that you won’t be disappointed. Make sure it’s nice enough that your date will be impressed but does not empty your wallet.

S Sexy. Make sure there is a hint of sexuality in your outfit, your conversation and you eyes.

T Timing. Everything should be done with a sense of timing in mind. You do not have plan out every little detail but you should have a sense of how the date will progress.

U Underwear should always be worn. Definitely make sure you have a nice pair on. You never know where the night will lead.

V Videos. Always have a wide choice of videos on hand for any movie taste. The post-date activity can be quite fun so be ready!

W Wine. Your date may not like wine at all but chances are an extensive knowledge of it would impress him or her anyway. Know your wine before going out on a dinner date.

X X-ray vision is not attractive. Don’t try to undress your date with your eyes. Let them do it themselves later!

Y You! You are what will make this date work so be yourself!

Z Zipper. Zippers are better than buttons if you know what I mean!

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