Ten changes in Manipal that you should expect this convocation

What to expect in Manipal when you come back after one whole year? We have a list of ten changes that you have to notice.

Change is the essence of time and Manipal is a testimony to that statement. It is said that Manipal always finds a way to surprise you every semester and when it’s a whole year that has gone by, the Alumni should gear up for a completely new perspective of their home away from home for 4 years!

Here is a list of changes Manipal has undergone over the past year, some for good and some… well you know… just to create that nostalgic feel…

So here are the 10 new things an alumnus should expect when in Manipal for the convocation!

1. The Flag Post in front of the EDU building!125 Feet Flag Post

Manipal Academy of Higher Education became the first private university in the country to have the national tricolour fluttering 24×7 on a 125 feet flagpole. Surely, this is a sight that will leave you awestruck!

2. The Student Plaza at Manipal Institute of TechnologyStudent Plaza at MIT Manipal

There are like a gazillion memories of what used to by Kamath Circle, but this semester, a part of Manipal memories died and gave birth to the Student Plaza. Reconstructed from the ashes of KC, SP is the first thing the MITian will notice.

3. The multi-level parking complex next to MARENAMultilevel parking Manipal

With great number of cars came great need for parking space. The newly constructed parking complex in the health sciences campus to facilitate easy parking is definitely going to catch your eye. Of course, this has decongested the roads to a great extent, so expect some easy movement at the hospital complex.

4. Sharada hostel has a new reception.Sharada Hostel

If every year, MIT used to see a lot of change, it’s the turn of the health sciences campus this year! The Sharada hostel so some redecoration and all you girls would surely admire the new reception area constructed here.

5. Manipal College of Pharmaceutical (MCOPS) has a new gate and SOAHS a new building!New Gate for MCOPS

Not something that will be easilty noticed, but the MCOPS compound has a newly constructed gate, in keeping with its surroundings. New Building for SOAHS

What is more interesting is that the School of Allied Health Sciences (SOAHS), Manipal now has a new building (again), all to itself, behind MMMC and next to MCOPS.

6. The nursing hostel has been demolishedNursing Hostel Destroyed

The nursing hostel opposite the school of nursing and the fountain has been demolished. A swank corporate multispecialty hospital is being planned in its place. The crows at Shenoy’s are protesting at the loss of this landmark building and have reduced their activities.

7. Sonia Hostel gets a shaded pathwayShaded walk for the Girls

The girls have a shaded pathway to their hostel now. It’s not that obvious, but does add to the comfort levels in hot and sunny Manipal.

8. Manipal is now a Foodie Paradise (Reloaded)Canara Mall and Foodies paradise

There were always some excellent eateries, but that has now become a paradise. A multiplex and mall (Bharath cinemas and Manipal Commercial Complex) have opened up opposite the Trauma center and boasts of a variety of food chains and other facilities, including – the frozen bottle, swiggy, zoomcar, McDonalds, Ribbons and Balloons. There are also many new additions which promise to take you by surprise.

9. The Manipal roads, they are a changing!Roads widened in Manipal

There is one thing about the roads of Manipal, they are very inviting. And this convocation, you’ll notice that they are destined to be much wider than earlier. Since their designation as a National highway, the increase in vehicular traffic made this long pending. You may notice a few landmarks are now indistinguishable on the road opposite Ashlesh.

10) Manipal Blog- its shining like never before

Welcome back folks!

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